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Owl Luminary

It’s no secret that I love candles, but what I love almost as much as I love 3-wick candles is a seasonal, festive, or just downright cute/pretty candle holders. Last month, I had a coupon for Bath & Body Works and the online store was also having a Columbus Day sale. Armed with these two discounts, I got my hands on this adorableΒ Owl Luminary.Β 

DSCF2180 copy

DSCF2181 copy

This luminary is so cute. I love the way the lit candle looks shining through the owl. I read some reviews online and a few people said they wished the eyes were open so that the candle light could shine through the eyes as well. But, I’m satisfied with the crescent shaped cut-outs letting the light out, and I also think if the light shined out of the eyes it would be slightly creepy!

DSCF2182 copy

The luminary is 2 pieces consisting of the owl cover and a pedestal. I took this last picture shortly after snuffing out the candle. I wanted to show this because despite holding a lit candle for a few hours, the owl does not get hot as seen by how I could remove the cover within minutes. It gets warm, but not hot at all.

Unfortunately, the owl is no longer available online – I think the store has officially moved on from fall decor to Christmas/winter, but if you like candle holders I cannot suggest taking a look at Bath & Body Works more! I always find ones I love and they have sales quite often. Despite no more owl, there are some other super adorable ones available now like this Holiday House, Sparkling Snowflake, Mini Glitter Scroll, and this Sparkle and Shine Snowman.

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