• Schick Dermaplaning Razors

    Skin Care

    Dermaplaning at Home

    Have you heard of dermaplaning? Do you dermaplane? I first heard of it a year or so ago. It’s essentially shaving your face, which I know, sounds weird, but hear me out. I’ve never gotten my face professionally dermaplaned, but a lot of people do it at home. You use a small razor that is specifically made for this and it removes dead skin and little hairs from your face leaving your face nice and smooth. People always rave about it so after a year of people talking online about how they dermaplane at home, I decided to try it myself. I got a 3-pack of Schick dermaplaning razors from…

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    Ways to Manage Your Time While Working from Home

    The current global situation has led many people to work from home. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was estimated that as many as 16 million workers in the United States are now working from home. It’s not an ideal situation, but when you consider those who are forced to leave their homes to work and those other 40 million US workers who lost their jobs because of the economic effects of the pandemic, people are making the best out of the situation they have. Unfortunately, telling people to stay indoors and implementing work from home models can take its toll on people. Now that more people are…

  • Pink Animal Print Tiered Tank


    Pink Animal Print Tiered Tank

    Yesterday was the 8th grade drive-in/car parade graduation at my school. It was so hot out, but the whole thing lasted less than an hour so it wasn’t too bad. It was so nice to see the kids from their car windows and their cars were all decorated with balloons and writing and banners. I got a shout out from the valedictorian too, which was so sweet. The senior graduation isn’t until July, when larger groups are allowed to gather so that way they can be seated outside instead of in their cars. Anyway, today I’m sharing this casual summer look. Tiered tank tops are always a classic and I…

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    Make Moving Home Simple

    Photo Source We’re all likely to move home at some point in our lives. Whether that’s moving out of our parent’s home for the first time, moving away for college, moving into your first home with your partner, moving areas for work or any other reason. This is an exciting process. What’s not to love about browsing the market for a property that will suit your needs and preferences? But it can also quickly become difficult and stressful. Here are a few pieces of advice that can make the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible!   Arrange Things in Advance If someone is moving out of the property…

  • Colette Social Stationary



    If you know me well, you know that I sometimes feel like I was born in the wrong time. Only in some ways, though. I love modern technology and amenities. Don’t try to stick me somewhere without air conditioning, electricity, wifi, etc.! But, when I was a kid I asked for weird things for gifts. My top choice was always clothes, because my love for clothes has been there since I was born apparently. But, instead of the latest toys and whatever else little kids typically ask for, I asked for things like a sewing machine, french phone, typewriter. I loved the idea of writing letters and when my 4th…

  • Green Floral Eyelet Trim Tee

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    Green Floral Eyelet Tee

    A few weeks back I shared a grey and white striped tee with eyelet trim on the hem and in an overlapping detail in the back. I bought this green floral print one at the same time! Tee: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s (here) } Shorts: Sonoma Goods for Life via Kohl’s | Sandals: Vici Last time with the grey striped tee I wore it with black leggings and black sandals. This time I wore it with dark wash denim shorts and tan sandals. I love this all-over tiny floral print, the green color, and the eyelet detailing. I hope you had a great weekend! *This post contains affiliate links.*

  • BLT Panini


    BLT Style Panini

    I’m calling this a “BLT Style” Panini because instead of lettuce, I used spinach and I also included pepper jack cheese. For this panini, I used a griddler/panini press. I built my sandwich with ciabatta, baby spinach, tomato, bacon, and pepper jack cheese. Then, I pressed it in the griddler until it was heated through and the cheese started to melt. So easy! Easy lunch or weeknight meal!

  • Skinfix Dark Spot Corrector

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    Skinfix Dark Spot Corrector

    I got a dark spot corrector back during the Sephora VIB sale in the spring, but before I open that up, I remembered that Skinfix actually sent me their Correct+ Dark Spot Corrector a while ago. I’ve spoken about the dark spots and acne scars I’ve gotten over the years. Last year I was going to get laser treatments monthly and when things got shut down during lockdown, I wasn’t able to go for my follow up appointments. I think the doctor’s office is opened back up now, but I haven’t made a new appointment yet. I’ll probably wait a while before I go. The results of the laser treatment…

  • Pink Roses


    Flashing Back to My Senior Year

    Today is the last day of the school year for my students and the last official day of work for me. Although I still have some work to do for the next few days, I don’t have any classes to teach until next school year. But, it feels so weird to be done with school. While I have been meeting with my students daily via Zoom, it doesn’t feel like the end of the school year and it doesn’t feel like a proper closure to the year. I haven’t physically seen my students in 3 months! The last day or two of the school year is always filled with kids…

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    The Joys of Taking On a Challenge Everybody should try to take on challenges in their lives, so what stops them? There are many reasons people do not seek the challenges the world has to offer. Whether it’s fear, laziness, a lack of time, or just not knowing what is available, they miss out on a range of moments that can help you become the person you were always destined to be. Part of life is finding ways to improve who you are, and becoming confident with yourself, and you won’t be able to do that unless you challenge yourself. If you still feel nervous, here are three joys that will come from taking on a…