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    Hallmark Mystery Series

    I’ve written on here a few times before with lists of Hallmark Christmas movies I love and some movies that are great for Valentine’s Day. Well, I’ve been watching Hallmark Mystery Movies for years and I’ve never thought to write a post about them! So I thought it was about time I highlighted some. Over the years, Hallmark has had quite a few mystery movie series – some are still going on with more installments and some have ended. I’ve pretty much seen them all, but there are ones I like way more than others so I’m only highlighting the ones I really like and don’t find either annoying, boring,…

  • Leopard Sleeve Sweater

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    Leopard Sleeve Sweater

    When I first saw this sweater, I thought it was so different and cool. It’s literally a leopard sleeve sweater! How cool is it that the leopard print is on the sleeves leading to two leopard heads/faces? I think it’s so unique! It comes in multiple colors and even though it has a ton of good reviews I was still pleasantly surprised how good the quality is of this Amazon sweater. Sweater: Amazon (here) | Jeans: Express | Boots: DSW I paired the sweater with jeans and taupe booties last weekend. The sweater is so soft and thicker than you’d think, but not too heavy or hot. It feels so…

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    Taking Care Of Your Eyes

    Image Credit License CC0 Your eyesight is an important sense. Some people might argue that it is the most important. Your eyes give you so much information about the world around you. You can spot dangers that lay in your path, you can see beautiful sunsets, and you can look at the faces of the people that you love. Your eyes allow you to read a book, and they let you watch a boxset on Netflix. Eyes are pretty awesome.  But eyesight can deteriorate over time. ou may not even notice the changes to your eyesight as they can be very gradual. Often, the smallest changes can happen over…

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    Wellness Trends in 2020

    pixabay Stress is the cause of many health problems and it’s the biggest problem for otherwise healthy adults. Improper diet as well can have many negative effects, as well as neglecting to do exercise. Health issues you might suffer from if you don’t take simple steps to take care of yourself are aches and pains, fatigue and even telogen effluvium. This is a more common problem than you might realize, telogen effluvium symptoms are hair loss and scalp problems mainly in women. It is preventable, however, as are other health problems brought on by stress which can be fixed by certain lifestyle changes. It’s vital that you take some time…

  • Snowy Tree


    #fbf Snowy Tree

    I wrote yesterday about how I’m hoping for at least one snow day before winter’s over. It’s been an unusually quiet winter and while winters that have constant snow storms gets annoying and tiring, it’s also so weird to not have any snow! We had snow twice I think this season but both times it was very little and pretty much gone the next day. I just need a dose of winter prettiness and not just cold, bleak winter days. And a snow day from work wouldn’t hurt either! So for my Flashback Friday, I’m throwing it back to 2 years ago when we had a snow storm and the…

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    Fun Garden Upgrades For Summer

    Image  The garden is as much of a room in the house as every other room, but it is often overlooked on a design front. If you want a new home project to complete during the spring, some garden upgrades wouldn’t go amiss and they could really liven up the space for you.  Today we are going to take a look at some of the most fun garden upgrades you can perform to make the space beautiful and a fun place to be during those summer months.    Upgrade the patio The first thing you can do to make the garden feel brand new is install a new patio. Whether…

  • Sherpa Slipper Socks + Barefoot Dreams Blanket

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    Cozy Day Items

    This winter has been so weird. We haven’t had any real snow! My friend at work and I have been talking lately about how we’re really wishing for a snow day at least once before spring arrives. I know many of you are already in the mood for spring, but I really need a snow day right about now! There doesn’t seem to be any snow in the forecast, but it’d be nice if it happens before spring arrives. In the hopes of a snow day this winter and because I was home sick last week with the flu, I thought I would put together a small list of cozy…

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    How The Pros Make Knackered Old Homes Look Brand New

    If you’ve ever watched those renovation shows on TV, you’ll know just how radically professionals can transform an old wrecked home into something that looks brand new.  But how do they do it? What techniques do they use?  Here we’re going to take a look at some of their tried-and-tested approaches so that you can apply them to your home.    Steam Cleaning Carpets And Rugs The vast majority of people don’t look after their carpets in the way that vendors recommend, vacuuming them every forty-eight hours to ensure that no dust whatsoever gets into the carpet fibers. But even if you’re one of those people who diligently follow the…

  • Animal Print Faux Fur Sweatshirt

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    Animal Print Faux Fur Sweatshirt

    Back in January, I shared a mauve pink faux fur sweatshirt. Super soft and cozy, but not too heavy or hot because the inside isn’t fuzzy, which could be good or bad depending on your preference. I don’t mind either way, although on a cold day it would be nice to have the fuzziness on the inside too. Anyway, when I bought that one, I also bought it in this animal print. So fun and just as soft! Sweatshirt: Target (here) | Leggings: J.Crew | Boots: UGG (here) I paired this cozy animal print sweatshirt with black leggings and classic black UGGs. An easy weekend look that took me from…

  • Real Life


    Book Review: Real Life

    Real Life by Adeline Dieudonné was originally written in French and has just recently been translated in to English for a new release. When I first started reading the novel, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it quickly gripped me and had me hooked to find out what would happen to the young narrator. The narrator, a young girl who we never learn the name of, lives with her mother, father, and younger brother. Her mother is quiet and unassuming – she describes her as an “amoeba” who is just sort of there. Why? Because her father is abrasive, abusive, and could be set off in to a violent rage…