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    May 2020 Favorites

    Well if 2020 hasn’t already been bad enough, May has just been another dumpster fire! Things are absolutely crazy right now. We’re still getting through the pandemic and the country is literally and figuratively on fire. I hope you are all staying safe through all of these hard times. For lighter new, I have a round-up of things I loved in May. First, did you watch the first season of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist? I loved the show and I’m waiting to hear if it’s picked up for a 2nd season on NBC. I hope so! During the season finale, the cast sang “American Pie” and I was obsessed with their rendition…

  • Shape Tape Body Makeup

    Skin Care

    Shape Tape Body Makeup

    I’ve mentioned on here before that I have bouts of eczema at times. For the past two years I’ve had two small patches of eczema on both shins that never fully go away even with cream from the dermatologist. Sometimes it’s hardly noticeable and sometimes it flares up. While they’re not big patches, when there’s a flare up it’s not cute with the red bumps. Now with summer around the corner, I wanted to try body makeup to cover up the red bumps when I wear dresses, shorts, etc. Kim Kardashian’s body makeup is really famous and I can believe that it’s good because Kim has psoriasis so I know…

  • The Middle Sister


    Book Review: The Middle Sister

    I’m back with a book review and this time it’s a mystery/detective story. The Middle Sister by Jesse Miles is part of a series about private investigator Jack Salvo. This is the only one in the series that I’ve read so they don’t need to be read in order. In this installment of the Jack Salvo books, Salvo is hired by a wealthy family to find their daughter/sister, Lillie Manning. The mother hires him after her daughter has been missing for a week, but then we don’t really see or hear from her again. Her daughters Zara and Arden – Lillie’s older and younger sisters respectively – are Salvo’s points of contact.…

  • Thai Peanut Sauce Chicken


    Chicken with Thai Peanut Sauce

    I love peanut sauce, do you? Luckily, I’m not allergic to nuts, because I love all the peanut components to Thai food. Today, I’m sharing an easy chicken recipe with a thai peanut sauce. The original recipe has the chicken on skewers, but I didn’t put mine on skewers. The original recipe also has the sauce as a dipping sauce and I drizzled the sauce on top of my chicken just to keep things easier especially since I wasn’t skewering them. Other than the skewers, the only other thing I changed from the original recipe is that I used ground ginger instead of fresh because when I was making this…

  • Leopard Lightning Tee

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    Leopard Lightning Tee

    As you guys know, I love a good graphic tee and when I find one that is unique and not everyone has, it makes it even better. That’s the case with this tee because I literally cannot find one like it to link to! The color is the grey-ish blue color and it features a leopard face with super cool blue eyes and a lightning bolt through the face. So different! The tee also has distressing, making it edgier. The tee is a little long so I took some photos of it untucked and also front tucked so you can get an idea of how it looks. I wore it with…

  • The Last Kingdom

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    Quarantine Binging #2

    A few weeks ago I shared the tv shows I’d been binge watching during quarantine. Well, I’m already back with more shows (and 1 movie) that I’ve finished since then. So let’s get to it! The Last Kingdom I’ve written about this Netflix show in year’s past and season 4 recently dropped. I watched the season over the course of a week or so. I didn’t want to rush through it and I was pretty busy at the time with work so I was only watching 1-2 episodes a night. I love this show and if you’re unfamiliar, it follows main character Uhtred in England in the like 800-900s. He…

  • Embroidered Tie Belt Dress

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    Embroidered Tie Waist Dress

    Happy Memorial Day! Are you guys doing anything today? I had dinner last night with my family. It was nice weather so we were able to sit out on my parents’ deck and eat. Today, I’m going into work this afternoon to pick up some personal belongings and pack some things up since we won’t be back in the school building this school year. It’s so weird. Yesterday, with the nice weather I was able to wear a dress. I wore this blue embroidered tie waist jersey knit dress. It’s so comfortable and I love the embroidery detail. The braided tie belt is the perfect detail too. The dress was…

  • No Makeup Foundation Serum


    No Makeup Foundation Serum

    Sunday, already? It’s a 3-day weekend here, thankfully, but I can’t believe it’s already Sunday. I tried to sleep in yesterday, but woke up at 8am to the sound of pouring rain. It was so loud that I had to put my AirPods in and play music to drown out the sound of the pounding rain. Do you have any Memorial Day Weekend plans? I’m at my parents house and just having a small bbq with them since we can’t really see other people here in NJ. So the beauty product I’m talking about is not one that I got during the Sephora sale, but something I got on sale…

  • Copycat Pizza Hut Breadsticks


    Copycat Pizza Hut Breadsticks

    When I was in elementary school, Pizza Hut used to do this thing called “Book It” – I think that’s what it was called anyway. You had a chart to record your daily reading amounts and when you completed the chart you could bring it in to Pizza Hut for a free personal pan pizza. It was my favorite thing! So aside from the delicious supreme personal pan pizza I would get, my family would always get an order of the breadsticks. I love the Pizza Hut breadsticks. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times I’ve been to Pizza Hut in the last 5 years on one hand…

  • Martha's Vineyard

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    #fbf Martha’s Vineyard

    Sharing another flashback Friday today. So many people have been sharing throwbacks lately, back when times were simpler and more carefree. With it about to be Memorial Day Weekend, things are feeling extra strange. Normally, the holiday weekend is the unofficial kickoff to summer. Lots of barbecues, people going to the beach, opening up their pools etc. But, here in NJ, we’re still pretty much in lockdown even though very few restrictions have been eased. Beaches are open now, but social distancing has to be practiced and capacity is limited. State parks are open, but again the same restrictions apply. Non-essential retail is allowed to reopen for curbside pickup only…