• Wild Rice & Mushroom Pilaf


    Wild Rice & Mushroom Pilaf

    I recently shared a cranberry, apple, pecan wild rice which is one of my favorite meals I’ve made via Pinterest. Today’s wild rice pilaf is another one I found on Pinterest and is delicious as well. Although it does come second to the cranberry one! Nonetheless I wanted to share it on here. This wild rice & mushroom pilaf recipe that I found on Pinterest is great. I followed the recipe with two exceptions. Instead of vegetable broth, I used chicken broth. The other change I made was adding a 4th mushroom. The recipe calls for button, cremini, and shitaki, but I added in a 4th mushroom – king oyster.…

  • Little Lovely Things


    Book Review: Little Lovely Things

    I just finished the novel Little Lovely Things and am here today to review it for you guys. Little Lovely Things is told from a few different points of view. When the novel begins, Claire, a medical resident is married with two young daughters trying to juggle life. Her husband, Glen, is a teacher and on the morning that this whole story kicks off he is off to work and Claire is taking the kids to drop them off at daycare on her way to work. Not feeling well, Claire does what most working mothers do – she is determined to power through it because there is no time to be sick. While…

  • Fashion,  Looks

    Multicolor Pleated Maxi Skirt

    Flowy dresses and maxi skirts are a favorite of mine. I love anything that will flow and blow in the wind basically. Trying to live a dreamy life over here! Anyway, when I saw this pastel colored pleated maxi skirt I was in love. I thought it was the perfect skirt to bring along with me to my early fall photoshoot with Lauren. It is high waisted which means a bodysuit is perfect to pair with it since you don’t have to worry about tucking anything in. My ribbed bodysuit has tortoiseshell buttons and fits perfectly! A definite closet staple, in my opinion. Lastly, the skirt is pretty long on…

  • Fashion

    Kate Middleton Style – Pakistan Tour

    If you follow the royals, as I do, then you know the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aka Prince William & Kate Middleton spent this week in Pakistan touring parts of the country, visiting schools, hospitals, etc. I absolutely love Kate Middleton and my posts that highlight her fashion while abroad touring are always big hits. In fact my post on her trip to Sweden & Norway from 2018 still gets read a lot! It totally slipped my mind to recap Megan Markle’s style on her recent trip to Africa with Prince Harry like I did when she went to Australia last year, but I’m here today to round up Kate…

  • Green & Pink Balloon Sleeve Plaid

    Fashion,  Looks

    Balloon Sleeve Plaid

    Happy Friday! This short work week has felt excruciatingly long for some reason so I am so excited for the weekend. Also, I’ve got plans to chop my hair after work today! Catch me on my Instagram stories later today for a peek! It’s been a few years since I’ve had short hair so I’m excited for the change. On to the topic of today’s post. I love plaid as many people do. I love all different colors and styles so when I saw this green/blue/pink plaid top with balloon sleeves and the length for knotting up, I was really in to it. Top: American Eagle (here) | Jeans: Kohl’s | Shoes:…

  • Home

    3 Tips For Getting The Best Price When Selling Your Home

    Selling your home can be a stressful time, and the one thing that can add to that is getting the right price for the house. While there are a lot of things that can decrease the value of your home, there are generally simple ways to fix them. Today we are going to look at a few of the things you can do to ensure you get the best possible price should you be selling your home.  Image Credit – Pexels – CC0 Licence Declutter If there is one thing that puts buyers off and incentivizes them to lowball you, it’s having a house full of clutter. Now, why most…

  • Muted Striped Cardigan

    Fashion,  Looks

    Muted Stripe Cardigan

    2 days away from the weekend! After having Monday off you’d think the week would feel short since it was almost mid-week when I went to work, but no. The days are dragging! Anyone else feel that way after a long weekend? Today I’m sharing this casual fall look from a recent weekend. I love the muted colors in the stripes of this cardigan. So pretty! I wore it with a light purple henley tank top and brown leggings for a comfy and stylish fall look. Cardigan: Pink Lily Boutique (here) | Tank Top: American Eagle (here) | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s (here) | Earrings: Amazon (here) |…

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    Decor That Makes You Go “Is It Kind Of Purple In Here?”

    Purple, it’s a kind of unloved color. It’s not quite feminine like pink, but it’s not quite masculine like blue. It’s a kind of forgotten middle child. But does it have its place in the modern home? If you love to experiment with decor then yes it does. Even if you’re not too keen on the color, it can fit in with many other modern tones that you see all-around your home. The key is pairing it with colors that either elevate it or allow it to blend in. it’s also where you implement this color as well. You’re not going to paint your front door purple anytime soon, but…

  • Barbie Forever


    Barbie Forever

    Did you play with Barbies when you were young? I wasn’t huge in to Barbies – but I wasn’t really in to toys or dolls in general so it’s nothing against Barbie. Nonetheless, I did own a few Barbies and was gifted a Barbie Dream House for my birthday or Christmas one year when I was probably in kindergarten. I remember playing with a family friend’s Barbie house and she had an elevator in hers (not battery operated, but a pulley system) and I thought it was amazing! Mine did not have an elevator (so sad) but it was still really nice. So even though I didn’t play a whole…

  • Home Decor

    Halloween/Fall Tablescapes

    I love sharing tablescape inspo with you guys mainly because it’s an excuse for me to scour the Internet for dreamy table settings. Usually I wait until closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas to share tablescape ideas, but I saw a few people doing Halloween tables and so I decided to do something more Halloween related and less Thanksgiving-y. Now, I have to preface this by saying I basically just chose tables that were more fall inspired rather than Halloween because I don’t really like Halloween decor. I like pumpkins and fun stuff like that, but that’s kind of fall too and not limited to Halloween. I hate and I mean hate the gory,…