• Grilled Spinach & Cheese Sandwich


    Grilled Spinach & Cheese Sandwich

    It’s my first day back to work today. To say I’m less than thrilled that my summer break is over would be an understatement. But, it will be nice to get two paychecks a month again so there’s that. In more exciting news, I got the all-clear to wear contacts again from my eye doctor! And I had my first laser treatment on my face yesterday (a blog post on that coming this weekend)! And I got accepted in to RewardStyle thanks to an influencer friend’s referral! All that good news aside, let’s talk about today’s topic – grilled cheese. But not just regular grilled cheese – grilled cheese with…

  • Home

    Creating a Luxury Feel in Your Home on a Budget

    Giving your home that little bit of added luxury needn’t be hard or even expensive. Even if you have a limited budget there are so many things you can to do add a little bit of glamour and give your home a more high-end feel to it without the high price tag that can be associated with luxury. Image Credit: Pexels CC0 License. In some cases, less is more. You don’t need to go overboard when it comes to adding items to your home. A few statement pieces that complement your interior style can really add that wow factor and give a focal point to different rooms and areas of…

  • Navy Floral Romper

    Fashion,  Looks

    Navy Floral Romper

    Last Friday night I went out to dinner with some friends for my birthday. It was the perfect opportunity for me to get to wear this navy floral romper. It is seriously the most perfect romper. It’s stretchy, feels so comfortable, fits perfectly, has the prettiest floral print and colors, and has an open skirt type layer. I wore it with a fringed cardigan for most of dinner because of the air conditioning, but I liked it with the cardigan too! I wore my mustard bow mules to bring out the yellows in the floral. I finished off the look with my nude and clear bag and a statement ring…

  • Fashion

    How Can Young Men Learn About Classic Style?

    From a very early age, women are introduced to fashion and style. How to dress well and present yourself with class and expression is something that young girls are usually taught by their female relatives and or friends. But for men, it seems like this tradition of passing down fashion advice and style tips, has really vanished. Fortunately, the modern world of YouTube and many other outlets allow young boys to see what grown men can or should dress like. When looking at men’s fashion, on the surface it looks easy to understand. Let’s not forget however that men’s high end clothing has been around just as long as women’s…

  • Keep Palm & Carry On Romper

    Fashion,  Looks

    Keep Palm & Carry On Romper

    The name of this romper “Keep Palm & Carry On” was too good to not use for my blog post title! I love the print and colors in this romper. The shades of green and peachy pinks are so pretty together. This short sleeve romper is really comfortable and has functional buttons  for easy on/off. The neckline is low cut so I wore a bralette for a little more coverage and to allow the lace trim to peek through. Romper: Vici (here)| Bralette: Vici | Sandals: Amazon (here) | Sunglasses: Quay Australia I just saw that this print is available in a maxi dress and I wish I had known that…

  • Life

    Would You Uproot Your Life?

    You’ve got to admit, you’ve probably thought about this a few times over the years. You will definitely have thought about how much you’d like to throw everything away, and spontaneously jetting off around the world and becoming one of those people that travels for a living. But only a set few people go down the route of doing that, and you’ve probably got one too many commitments to do that now. So it can be easy to think that you’re stuck with the life you’re living, and feeling as though you’re stuck in a bit of a rut. But a rut is only as deep and as long as…

  • PALM Health - Salt Room


    Chambers Center by PALM Health

    Last week I had the great privilege to go on a private tour of the new Chambers Center by PALM Health. PALM, which stands for “Personalized Advanced Lifestyle Medicine” , is just that. A beautiful 18,000 sq. ft. space that has its members’ well-being in mind first and foremost. At PALM, they strive to create personalized care for each member no matter what level membership you decide. Memberships range from Total members, which encompasses everything and provides maximum support for complete whole person care, down to PALM Wellness which offers services for prevention and health promotion. When I arrived at the Chambers Center, I was greeted by Anney Perrine, the…

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    Blue Stripe Getaway Shirt

    On to a new week! My birthday weekend has come to an end and it’s my last few days of summer break before I go back to work on Thursday. I had a great time with friends for dinner Friday night and then Saturday night I went with my bff to see the Backstreet Boys in concert which was a lot of fun. We saw them 6 years ago and this time was even better I think. A recap of the concert to come to the blog later in the week and I’m going to do a write-up of the restaurant I went to on Friday night later on as…

  • Books

    Book Review: Countdown America

    Do you like spy dramas? I do! I love spy movies, tv shows, and books. When I was younger (and let’s face it, still to this day) I thought it would be so cool to be a spy. Go on adventures, be stealthy, fight bad guys, use super cool gadgets. With that being said, I couldn’t pass up reading Countdown America when it was offered to be sent to me. In the novel, Isabella is a former CIA field agent turned Chief Supervisor. Her late husband was also a CIA agent and now her 6 year old twins and her mom are her world. Things are going great; Isabella just got promoted…

  • White Eyelet Romper

    Fashion,  Looks

    White Eyelet Romper

    Happy Sunday! I’m writing this post ahead of the weekend because I’m going to be out all weekend for my birthday and the Backstreet Boys concert so hopefully it’s all going well and I’ll have fun stories to tell tomorrow! But, if you follow my Instagram stories then you may have seen my stories from Thursday that I was invited for a private tour of the new Chambers Center by PALM Health and got to experience a few of the services. I’m going to write up a post all about that for tomorrow, but I wanted to share what I wore that day! Well, pretty much what I wore. I did switch…