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July Song to Book Recommendation

I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to share a book recommendation based on my top Spotify song this month. For the longest time the song “Satisfied” by Galantis ft. MAX was my top song and I even had a book in mind for it, but I wanted to make a Reel and the song isn’t on there anymore, which is annoying. But, in the last few days my top song on Spotify changed because I’ve been listening to Paloma Faith’s “Only Love Can Hurt Like This” so much.

I had a few ideas for book recommendations for this song, but I ultimately chose…

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover!

It Ends With Us follows Lily, a young woman who just opened a florist shop. While setting up her new store, she meets Allysa – another young woman who is looking for a job to keep her busy while her wealthy husband is at work all day. They become instant best friends and when Allysa introduces her to her brother, Ryle, a surgical resident, she realizes she’s met him before. Lily and Ryle randomly met on a rooftop a few months earlier and she never forgot him.

Sweet, but a little arrogant, and laser focused on his career, Ryle never had an interest in relationships, but he can’t stop thinking about Lily and thinks she might be the exception to his no-dating rule. As Lily and Ryle embark on a new relationship and begin to fall in love, she thinks back to her first love when she was a teenager.

Lily met Atlas in their small hometown. Atlas came from a troubled home and had no one. Lily’s home life wasn’t better, but her dad was prominent in the town so publicly it looked like she lived a charmed life. Lily and Atlas grow close, confide in each other, help each other, and fall in love. But, one night everything implodes and their lives are never the same.

Now, Lily feels like she’s finally moved on from her past with Atlas and her home life and is ready to build a new future with Ryle. But then Atlas reappears in her life and maybe her future with Ryle isn’t as bright as it seemed.

This book was my first Colleen Hoover book and I love it so much. It is definitely the typical CoHo book that will rip your heart out and then put it back together.

I can’t wait for her followup book this fall, It Starts With Us. Anyway, that’s my recommendation based on this song!

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