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July 2022 Favorites

I think this is the fewest amount of favorites I have for a monthly favorites post ever – just 3! I think it’s because I was traveling this month and when I wasn’t, I was just enjoying my down time and reading so I didn’t have a lot of favorite things.

My first favorite is from my short trip to Cape Cod early in the month. We stopped at the Smith Family Popcorn shop and I got a small bag of the “Birthday Cake” popcorn. I should’ve gotten the large bag because it was so good! I looked up on Pinterest how to make birthday cake popcorn and it involves a lot of steps so I might just order from the shop’s online store lol.

My next favorite was one of the highlights of my trip to the Pacific Northwest – Mt. Rainier. No matter what vantage point I had of it all day, it was so beautiful. Even on other days when I would see it from the water or even from Oregon, it’s just so magical looking.


My last favorite for the month is my book embosser. I love it to personalize (and claim) my forever books.

Maybe I’ll have more favorites to share in August!

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