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I have been wanting a book embosser for a while. I think they’re so pretty and a beautiful way to sort of label/put a “stamp” on your books in your personal library instead of writing your name inside if that’s something you do.

I might sound like a crazy person right now, but I don’t lend out my books. Actually, I do but extremely rarely. It has to be a special circumstance and I have to really trust the person. That’s not only for books – I’m just very wary that people will treat my belongings as well as I do. I don’t want my books to come back ripped or bent or stained etc. I did lend out one of the Throne of Glass books last year to a friend who really needed to read the next book before moving, but I knew she could be trusted with my book lol. She is the kind of person who doesn’t crack spines of books so I lent it to her, but even though I knew I could trust her I still wrote my name inside haha. I think part of my distrust in lending out books stems from my mom reading one of my Harry Potter books when I was younger and she spilled coffee all over it.

Anyway, there are tons of embossers to choose from online and I found this great one from Etsy. You can choose the design, what you want it to say, etc. I chose an open book with flowers coming out of it and it says “From the library of Jamie Wong”. It’s so easy to use too!

You just have to make sure you press hard enough to get the imprint on the page, but be careful to not rip the page. I love it and will be using it on all the books that I know I will never ever part with!

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