Book Spotlight: The Trouble with Drowning

Happy pub day to The Trouble with Drowning by Heather Hach! I started this book last week, but only got to read the first 100 pages or so so I haven’t finished it yet, but keep reading for the synopsis!

When author Eden Hart floats into Tucson’s Antigone Books in all her dazzling perfection to give a reading, Kat, a struggling writer, can’t help but compare herself. Professionally, physically, socially―Eden is Kat’s aspiration. Thankfully, Kat’s life starts to take on its own Eden-like glow when her literary future takes shape and she falls madly in love with Jacob, the effortlessly charismatic son of her literary hero. Kat’s life is finally her fantasy realized: a burgeoning career, mentoring from her idol, and a wildly fulfilling relationship. But how long can she keep this up? And when will disappointment tap Kat on the shoulder yet again?

As demons from her past begin to surface, Kat’s mental health craters, and this halcyon dream slips through her fingers. Obsessed with reclaiming her idealized life, Kat develops an insidious plan to not only bring Jacob back into her world, but also punish anyone who dares to replace her.

The book has been really interesting so far, but it has been taking me a while to get through – I think that’s only because of my current reading mood and nothing to do with the actual book because whenever I do get a chance to read it I enjoy it.

It’s out today if you want to check it out!

*I was sent this book complimentary, but all opinions are my own.This post contains affiliate links.*

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