Book Review: Throne of the Fallen

Months ago I read the Kingdom of the Wicked series and loved it so I have been waiting for Kerri Maniscalco’s latest novel, Throne of the Fallen, to come out. Throne of the Fallen is Keri’s first fully new adult novel and spinoff of the Kingdom of the Wicked series. I say “fully new adult” because while the first book in the KoW trilogy is seen as more YA, I think it’s definitely steamy and has lots of tension and angst and by books 2 and three there is definite spice!

Throne of the Fallen follows Envy, Wrath’s brother, whom we met in the original trilogy. When the novel begins we learn that Envy’s court is in trouble and if he doesn’t find a way to fix thing soon his whole court will collapse. Envy has been waiting for over a hundred years for Lennox, the Unseelie King, to start a new deadly game and make Envy one of the players and the time has come. The prize could be the thing that saves Envy’s people.

Camilla Antonius is a very talented artist and gallery owner in Waverly Green. When Envy shows up in Waverly Green under a false identity and tries to hire Camilla to paint the hexed throne as his first task in the game, Camilla initially refuses. Eventually, she agrees and gets sucked in to the game as well. Now the two must journey through the Underworld and try to win the game. Can they save Envy’s court? And is there more to Camilla than meets the eye?

This book was so good and I loved it! It was so nice to be back in the world I love and to follow Envy and Camilla through the game. I loved both Envy and Camilla and really enjoyed that as much as Envy tried to tease and tempt Camilla, she gave it right back to him. The tension between the two was electric and the spice was chef’s kiss. I actually also really liked some of the secondary characters and would love if aside from her plan to write more books for the different brothers/princes of hell, she would write books for Blade and Wolf! Maybe Alexei too. It was also really nice to be reunited with Wrath, Emilia, and some of the other brothers. By the way, I purposely pre-ordered the Barnes & Noble edition purely for the Wrath and Emilia bonus spicy scene!

While this is considered a standalone, I do think it’s best to read the Kingdom of the Wicked series first for background information and so you don’t spoil anything for yourself about the original series.

Read this if you want a spicy fantasy romance with games and intrigue, fae, vampires, and super hot princes of hell.

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