• Donald and the Golden Crayon
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    Book Review: Donald and the Golden Crayon

    Did you ever read the popular kids book Harold and the Purple Crayon?  It’s from 1955 but it’s a classic and still very popular today I hear. Anyway, in that short children’s story Harold has a purple crayon that he uses to draw amazing things with his imagination. Well, I was recently sent a parody story called Donald and the Golden Crayon and it is hilarious! If you know me personally (or you follow my Twitter) then you know I’m pretty vocal about my political beliefs. I very rarely have talked about it on here and on Instagram but it does come up occasionally. Today is one of those days. This book is…

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    New Home Tips

    If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know I recently became a homeowner. I’m loving my place but there are definitely a few things that I want to change and there are also a few things that I wish the former owners had told me. It’s a bit annoying, but there’s nothing I can do about it now except take care of what needs taking care of. However, if you are renting instead of buying then you have a lot more options than I do in terms of holding others accountable for things that need to get done in your place. For me as a townhouse…

  • Welcome Pumpkin
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    Getting Ready for Fall

    Fall has quickly become my favorite season in the past few years. I don’t know why considering I associate fall with summer vacation being over and having to go back to work. However, there’s just something about fall that I love. The crisp, cool air. Apple cider donuts. Breaking out the cozy sweaters. Oh and ushering in the holiday season, of course. Since I’m in a new space (my townhouse), I picked up a few fall decor things. I didn’t want to go overboard with decorating, plus I don’t have the money to! So it was just a few things. First, I got this super cute leaf candle holder from…

  • Green Front Tie Dress
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    Green Front Tie Dress

    I finally watched To All The Boys I Loved Before last night and it was as good as everyone says! I really loved it and I even teared up. Have you seen it yet? So if you watch my Instagram Stories then you’ve probably heard me mention a green dress a few times this past week. I took some photos with it on two weekends ago and I was going to wear it to work until I found out we could wear jeans for our 2 weeks of professional development. I’ve decided to wear it on the first day of school this Tuesday with a cardigan and flats or my beloved…

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    Taylor Swift Concert Prep

    As you can tell from the title of my blog post, I’m getting ready for the Taylor Swift concert this weekend! A fan of her music for years, I’m finally going to a show of hers this weekend. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things over the years by people who have gone to her shows. I always hear that her concerts are nothing short of spectacular and super memorable so I’m really excited! In preparation for the concert, my friend sent me a Spotify playlist of songs that are supposedly part of her set list. But, for this post I’m sharing some of my favorite songs of hers which she…

  • Floral Velvet Tee
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    Floral Velvet Tee

    Today’s my last day of work for the school year! Hopefully the day isn’t too crazy. So for today’s blog post I’m sharing a short sleeve tee that features two things I absolutely love – florals and velvet. The colors in the florals are so so pretty. I love the color combo and on the velvet it just looks so luxe and beautiful. I wore the tee with mauve-y pink pants and block heel slides. Top: LOFT | Pants: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Shoes: Simply Vera via Kohl’s | Watch: Oliva Burton The top was a little long and boxy so I tucked one end into the belt…

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    Wanderlust: Switzerland Travel Inspo

    If you ever take a look at my travel board on Pinterest, you’ll probably notice that a majority of my pins are photos of Switzerland. It’s not even on purpose! Whenever I see a beautiful photo of a place I’d love to see in person I automatically pin it and a good amount of those times it’s a photo of a place in Switzerland! It’s been on my list of places I need to visit for a long time so I’m sharing a handful of the Pinterest photos I’ve saved so you can see why I want to go so bad! Okay, I know that was a lot of photos –…

  • Kate Spade - Zodiac Agenda
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! I hope you had a good time doing whatever you wanted to celebrate the new year last night. I just got home from my Florida vacation last night so I just stayed home. I was so tired from the busy-ness of this past week at the parks and it didn’t help that my flight home yesterday was delayed 3 hours, so by the time I got home and ate some dinner I was really ready to pass out. With the new year comes a new planner. I got a larger planner this year and decided to get the Kate Spade Zodiac planner. It comes with pretty illustrations,…

  • Limitless Wrist - Fengshui Watch

    Black & White Look with Limitless Wrist

    If you know me personally, especially if you’ve ever worked with me, you’ll know I wear a watch every day to work. I hardly wear one on weekends or when I’m not working (so most of the summer) but when the school year rolls around I’m back to wearing a watch consistently. If I forget to put one on for work I feel lost all day. I’ve got a little collection now and have thought about buying a watch box for more proper storage. So when Limitless Wrist asked if I would like to pick out a watch for a discounted price, I definitely wanted to check them out. I decided…

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    Book Review: The Woman in Cabin 10

    After reading Remember Me? I wanted my next read to be something really different so I looked at some best seller lists and came across The Woman in Cabin 10. The synopsis intrigued me and I was in the mood for a mystery so I decided to read it. The novel centers around Lo Blacklock, a British journalist for a travel magazine. Covering for her boss she gets to go on the trip of a lifetime for her career – a week on a highly exclusive private cruise in the North Sea with the owner, a few other journalists, and the super elite. On the first night, Lo wakes up because she thought…