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    4 Ways To Change Your Life In 2019

    It takes about thirty seconds to decide to change your life. It takes a lot longer to implement those changes. Life is exciting, thrilling, scary, saddening and frustrating all at the same time, but we only ever get one of these, and it’s not a run-through or a practice. There are no do-overs and there are no chances to go back and start again. It’s not a video game; it’s your one shot to make a mark on the universe. I don’t know if reincarnation is a thing, and I don’t know whether there’s going to be a big set of gates waiting for me afterwards. What I do know,…

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    Being a More Considerate Person in the New Year

    Photo Source With the new year, many of us intend to turn a new leaf and lead a more positive lifestyle. But this year, why not make your resolutions revolve around helping others rather than helping yourself? Make your resolution to be a more considerate person! Here are a few steps that you could take in order to achieve this! Check In On Loved Ones It’s pretty easy to get caught up in our own hectic lifestyles. Chances are that you feel run off your feet most of the time – you have work to complete, social commitments to stick to, household responsibilities, and you really do want a little…

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    December 2018 Favorites + Looking Back on 2018

    Can you believe it’s the very last day of 2018?! I honestly can’t. This year went by in the blink of an eye and I need time to slow down. I thought about doing a 2018 recap and include some of my favorite posts from the year, but that would be very time consuming to go through the entire year to pick out my top posts. I used to do that but it would just take forever and I always felt like I wasn’t doing my recap justice nor paying proper homage to these favorite posts and moments. So I’ve decided not to do that this year, but I will…

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    Ways To Make Your Blog Content More Exciting

    It’s easy to feel stuck in a rut with your blog. With so many other great blogs out there, it’s normal to feel pressure to come up with great content and make your blog stand out. Your blog should be your creative outlet, and by looking for ways to jazz up your content and make it stand out, you can fall back in love with content creation and really make a go of your blog. Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons Check out some of the ways to make your blog content more exciting and take your blog to the next level. Host a Q&A Finding ideas for content isn’t…

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    11 Ways You Can Take Total Control Of Your Financial Future Today

    Stop and think for a minute: how do you feel about your financial future right now? You might feel ok about your finances, but have put very little thought into your financial future and what this will mean for the future you. The fact is, if you’re not taking the steps to secure your financial future now, then you’re leaving it to chance. Anything could happen, and when the time comes you’ll likely end up wishing that you did more to secure it. Below, we’ll discuss 11 ways that you can start taking control of your financial future today. Take a look and see what you can do:   Decide…

  • Multicolor Mums
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    #fbf Mums

    For this flashback Friday I thought it’d be nice to revisit fall since we’re in the midst of holiday and winter content now. Here’s a look of a pot of multicolor mums I got back in October. When I got the plant it was just buds so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out they were multicolor blooms! I love the mix of pink, red, and orange. So pretty! Sadly my mums are no longer and not because it got cold. The snow we got a few weeks ago crushed them and basically broke my poor plant in half! Have a great Friday!

  • Scout Bag - Original Deano

    Scout – Original Deano Tote Bag

    We got a taste of winter yesterday with a snow storm! Snow was in the forecast but it was worse than expected. I ended up getting out of work early and although it was a tricky drive home I was lucky to get home within 30 mins. I have friends who were on the road for hours and even my brother who normally takes 30 mins to get home from work was on the road for over 3 hours. Anyway, on to today’s post. Tote bags are essential for me. I’m always lugging things around to and from work and constantly bringing things from my townhouse to my parents’ house…

  • Plumeria Leaf

    #fbf Fallen Leaf

    Happy Friday! This week hasn’t been too bad, but I’m definitely ready for the weekend. I’m all about the fall foliage – I’m actually kind of sad that most of the leaves have fallen from the trees here. It’s such a short window of time that the leaves are pretty fall colors on the branches before they’re all gone! Anyway, as I was saying I’m all about the fall foliage and falling leaves, but for today’s flashback Friday #fbf I thought I’d share a tropical leaf. I took this photo last October on my parents deck. A leaf from their plumeria plant fell and landed right in between the two…

  • Historic Bethlehem

    Fall in Historic Bethlehem

    Last weekend I met up with my friend and her baby in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to walk around, eat lunch, and catch up. It’s a halfway point for us and two years ago we walked around the Christmas market at the steel stacks in Bethlehem. This time we met up in the downtown, Main St. area which just so happens to be in historic Bethlehem. I only took a few photos, but I thought I’d still share them. The weather was perfect and everything was so nicely decorated for fall. When we walked down the side, residential streets pretty much every home was decorated so cute for fall! So many pretty…

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    Compact Laundry Items

    My townhouse is a great size for my brother and me, but storage space is limited. Today I thought I’d share some great space saving items for the laundry.  There are some things you never think about – like where would I put my laundry baskets when they’re empty? Where am I going to hang my clothes that can’t go in the dryer? When I started shopping for my place back in the summer, I knew I had to get compact items so they would be easy to store and get out of the way, but were also functional. My washer and dryer are in a closet upstairs between the…