• Hooks Creek Lake
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    Hooks Creek Lake

    I’m generally not a lake person – mostly because I haven’t been to many. I’ve lived less than an hour from the beach my whole life so my summers have always been about going to the beach or hanging out at someone’s pool. A few weeks ago my friend and I were planning to spend the afternoon at a reservoir about 30 minutes away. I haven’t been to that reservoir in years. I used to go there to go fishing with my dad and brother when I was young. Anyway, before we headed out we saw a notification that the reservoir was at capacity and not accepting any more visitors…

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    Three Inspiring Ideas to Help You Figure Out Your Identity

    Feeling uncertain about who you are doesn’t mean that you are nobody. It means you haven’t worked yourself out yet. These ideas will empower you to see your rudderless state as an opportunity to reconnect with your dreams and reaffirm your intentions.  Photo by Mesut Kaya on Unsplash   Break Out of Your Comfort Zone When you’re feeling uncertain about who you are, it can be challenging to meet new people with confidence. Rather than feeling ashamed that you don’t have a watertight character at this point in your life, why not embrace your ‘in flux’ identity? Own this exciting state by letting people you meet know that you’re engaged…

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    Why I Left Engagement Groups/Pods

    I’ve been promising this post for weeks now so I’m finally writing it up and posting it. I’m going to try to not make it too lengthy, so here goes! As you can tell from the title of this post, I used to belong to a few engagement groups or pods. If you are unfamiliar with what those are let me give a brief explanation. Engagement pods are groups (some with a few dozen people to ones with hundreds of people) that usually have similar interests on social media such as posting primarily lifestyle or fashion or travel etc. Since Instagram changed (and continues to mess with) the algorithm, a…

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    Secret Garden Inspo

    When I was little one of my favorite movies was The Secret Garden. I haven’t seen it in ages so I can’t give you specific details, but I remember having it on vhs, watching it many many times, and loving it. Although, I remember parts of it kinda scared me – probably because it mostly takes place in a dark estate. Not to mention Mary’s (the main character) uncle is a little scary. Anyway, I loved the movie because of the big house that Mary explores and the feeling of mystery and magic when she finds and brings the secret garden back to life. The movie is based on the novel…

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    5 Ways to Make Moving Day Less Stressful

    Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels Moving house is thrilling. Whether you’ve found your dream house, or are excited to explore a brand new neighborhood, a move can be the refreshing new start you’ve been looking for. But moving is also notoriously stressful! What can be done to make the transition more chilled out? Hopefully, with these top tips, you can have a smooth move and enjoy your new home right from the start.   Get all hands on deck There’s a lot that happens on moving day — loading the moving van, carrying that couch up three flights of stairs, unpacking hundreds of boxes. One person can’t do it…

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    Three Tips to Get Your Creative Journal Started

    What’s the difference between a ‘creative journal’ and a regular journal? While your good old-fashioned journal comes with lined paper for a more traditional pen-to-paper approach, creative journals are usually composed of blank pages that are suitable for other creative media, such as illustrations, process-sketches, figurative or surreal paintings, and so much more.   There is also an unwritten difference between the more traditional journal format and a creative journal. When it comes to the latter, you’re not necessarily sitting down every day to record what happened. It’s more about self-expression and letting your creativity guide you. The idea is to express yourself freely, without worrying about what people will…

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    Making Bold Moves

    The great news is you’re sole business has grown and it’s high time to move on. No more cramped desk space, working from home but instead an office that works well for your business. It’s an exciting task ahead, are you prepared for your office moving day? Check out our guide: Be Your Best Team Member Organisation is the key and it’s this vital ingredient that’s going to guarantee you a successful office move. Stay focused and organised and create plenty of time to get the logistics just right. You are effectively your own move manager so you’ll need to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes before you get…

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    May 2019 Favorites

    It’s the last day of May, if you can believe it. This week has been a quick one at work since I had Monday and Tuesday off, but it’s been very busy. Last night was prom and today I’ve got a hair appointment after work. Tomorrow, a wedding. The end of the school year is always extremely busy for me at work and personally! I only have a few favorites in May and coincidentally, two are beauty/skincare related and 2 are food. And not just food in general, but they’re both ice cream. Clearly, I am working on my summer bod! Let’s do the fun stuff first – the ice…

  • Heart shaped petals

    #fbf Heart Shaped Petals

    The title of this blog post might be misleading, but I didn’t know what else to call it. The flower petals themselves aren’t heart shaped, but they just so happened to flow down the street with the rain and stop at the end of my driveway in the shape of a heart! This photo is fitting since it seems like we get pouring, stormy weather multiple times a week lately. A few weeks ago I had just gotten home from work, the rain had just stopped, and I was walking down my driveway to get the garbage can or the recycling to bring back in to the garage. The rain…