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    4 Ways To Make Your Interior Decor More Sustainable

    Our home is sacred to us. It’s where we relax, where we raise our children and the one place on the planet where we can truly and completely be ourselves. Yet, while we all deserve a home that’s cosy and homely, in an increasingly enlightened era it also behoves us to think about ways in which we can make our homes more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We’re going through natural resources at an alarming rate, even in the face of compelling evidence that we’re limiting the life of the planet by doing so. Indeed, the late great Stephen Hawking himself theorized that unless we mend our ways we could render…

  • The Great Wave Off Kanagawa - Panel Art
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    Panel Art

    Monday already. I don’t know where the weekends go! This week shouldn’t be too hectic for me barring any crazy things coming up. However, next week is going to be super busy for me so I’m going to try to take advantage of the free time I have this week. I have another home decor post coming your way today. You may remember that I’ve mentioned before that my townhouse has a really large wall in the dining area. The ceiling is really high since you can look down in to the dining area from upstairs which means there’s a lot of empty wall. This wall is not done yet,…

  • Florists to the Field
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    Florists to the Field

    Back in the spring I was sent a copy of a gorgeous book called Florists to the Field. Florists to the Field is a book by Garden District co-owners Greg Campbell and Erik New where they travel around the US and internationally and “document grand dining events that engage all five senses with local flavors, sounds, textures, fragrances and colors”. The result? A colorful and beyond beautiful book of photos and details from their excursions. The book is filled with photos of beautiful flowers, table settings, fields of flowers, etc. As mentioned before, I was sent this book a few months ago but now that I’m in a new townhouse with a…

  • Sherpa Lined Throw Blanket
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    September 2018 Favorites

    I can’t believe it’s Monday already. Weekends go by way too fast. I had a full weekend, but it wasn’t super busy and I got a decent amount of sleep both Friday and Saturday night so I don’t know why I was so tired all weekend! Anyway, I can’t believe it’s already Monday and I also don’t know how it’s October!? I have a few favorites from September to share. I watched a lot of stuff on Netflix and Amazon in September for some reason. Amongst all the things my two favorites hands-down were Jack Ryan and To All the Boys I Loved Before. The new take on the Jack Ryan stories…

  • Antique Blue Buffet Table
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    Antique Blue Buffet Table

    Since moving in to my townhouse I knew I wanted to get a buffet table or sideboard along the short wall of my dining area. I thought it would help complete the room and it would be great for storage since storage is definitely limited here. I browsed most of the summer for a buffet table I liked that also wouldn’t break the bank. When Wayfair was having a Labor Day sale I narrowed it down to two different tables. I compared styles, size, reviews etc. Ultimately, I chose the Kenya Buffet because it got good reviews and was the right size. The other one I was looking at was really…

  • Welcome Pumpkin
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    Getting Ready for Fall

    Fall has quickly become my favorite season in the past few years. I don’t know why considering I associate fall with summer vacation being over and having to go back to work. However, there’s just something about fall that I love. The crisp, cool air. Apple cider donuts. Breaking out the cozy sweaters. Oh and ushering in the holiday season, of course. Since I’m in a new space (my townhouse), I picked up a few fall decor things. I didn’t want to go overboard with decorating, plus I don’t have the money to! So it was just a few things. First, I got this super cute leaf candle holder from…

  • Marotta Campaign Writing Desk
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    Twilight Blue Writing Desk

    I’m back with another home decor/furniture post. A desk wasn’t at the top of my list for furniture to get, but after the essentials that I needed to buy new (dining table, bedroom furniture, coffee table, kitchen cart, entry way table etc.) a desk was next on the list. A desk wasn’t something I needed urgently as I mostly work from my laptop on the couch and if I need to really sit I can sit at the dining table. I knew I needed one eventually so that I could have somewhere to put my cable modem, router, and a printer (when I buy one). So when I got back…

  • Lindstrom Kitchen Cart
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    Kitchen Cart

    Today is the first day of school! As I write this (the night before), I am lamenting the fact that summer is officially over. There’s a little bit of excitement for a new year to start, meet my new students, and see old ones but that’s mixed with sadness that summer is over and dread of all the work ahead for me. Hopefully today’s a good day and leaves me feeling optimistic for the year ahead! In the meantime, today I’m writing about a home decor/furniture piece. As you know, I bought and moved in to a townhouse with my brother at the start of the summer. We bought a…

  • Skirt Hanger
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    Clothing Organization

    Packing and unpacking when you move is a pain, but the upside is that when you get to your new place you can re-organize, make a new system, and start over with how you want to organize your clothes and accessories. I debated whether to write this post, even though I had said I would write a closet organization post, for fear that it would be super boring. But, I decided there might be someone out there who would find it interesting to see how I organized my clothes. First things first – I know I have a lot of clothes. I’ve always had a lot of clothes even before blogging.…

  • Buttler Vanity Set
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    Bedroom Vanity

    Last week I shared my new bed and today I’m sharing another bedroom piece – the Buttler Vanity Set. In my new bedroom I have a nice bay window looking out the back. Originally I wanted to put a comfy arm chair and ottoman there to enjoy the natural light and view. Somewhere I could cozy up and read or watch a movie on my TV when I didn’t want to have to sit on my bed. But then I decided that a vanity would be much more useful and I didn’t know how often I’d really sit in a chair there. I decided on the Buttler Vanity Set from Wayfair…