• Dining Room Update

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    Dining Room Update

    I’m back with another renovation/update post and today it’s my dining room. It’s not really a “room” per se since my condo has a pretty open concept to it, but it’s the dining area, let’s say. This room didn’t go through major changes – it’s not like I changed the whole layout or gutted it all –  but I did do a few things that changed the whole feel of the room in my opinion. So one thing to note is that since the layout is pretty open, things like the paint color and floor changes are the same for my living room, hallway, stairs – all of which I…

  • Desk Update

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    Updated Desk

    In fall 2018, I shared my new desk. A super stylish, sleek twilight blue writing desk. Since I moved out of my townhouse and in to my condo, the desk was one of the pieces of furniture I brought with me. I’ve turned my guest room in to a sort of office/guest room. I’m planning to get a day bed in there eventually, but for now it’s only got a standing lamp, standing mirror, my desk, and my clothes rack. So when I had the desk at the townhouse, I basically never used it. It was in an awkward corner in the living room and my brother kind of took…

  • Kitchen Renovation

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    Kitchen Renovation

    As many of you know, I recently moved to a condo. And if you’ve been following me for over a year then you might be thinking, you moved again? Yes, I did. I bought and moved in to a townhouse with my brother in June 2018 and then this past summer he bought my share of the townhouse and I bought a condo. I moved back in with my parents while renovations were going on at my condo and just recently moved in. My condo actually was in pretty good shape (aside from a hot water heater leak which I discovered the evening before closing – just in time!) and…

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    Splurge Gift Guide

    If you didn’t have a budget and could spend as much as you want on your Christmas gifts or for a gift for yourself, what would you get? I thought it would be fun to put together a splurge gift guide because maybe you’re working with a higher or limitless budget or maybe you really want one of these items as a nice gift for yourself. Each item I’ve picked out here is something I really for myself, but haven’t gotten. The prices range from just under $200 to over $1,000 so it’s a wide range, but more than I want to or am able to spend right now…or any…

  • Stocking

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    Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

    For my stocking stuffer gift guide, I wanted to think of items that would actually fit in a stocking. I see so many stocking stuffer gift ideas that float around the internet where I’m like what size stocking do you have? I mean, when I was younger my parents would put little gifts inside my stocking (hence stocking stuffers) and a few gifts below the stocking on the fireplace as well as presents under the tree. But presents under the stockings are presents, not stocking stuffers! So that’s why I wanted to keep my ideas for you guys items that would actually fit in a stocking. My stocking holder is the…

  • Fishbowl Ornaments

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    Christmas Decor

    So even though I’m not in my condo full-time yet I have decorated it for Christmas. I would probably do a little bit more if renovations weren’t still getting finished up, but I think it’s actually pretty festive considering I’m not in there fully yet. I wrote about myBalsam Hill tree last week, which I am excited about and adore. Now let’s talk about the other holiday decor I have out. Most of the items are things I either bought last year or have had for a long time. First, my garland. I bought this garland and matching wreath from Target last year. Last year I had it on my…

  • Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow

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    Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

    My Christmas tree went up the day before Thanksgiving and I love it! For almost all my life I’ve put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving was so late this year that I wanted to do my tree early. But then I got busy so I only got to do it the day before….so not that much earlier, but whatever. Anyway, I have wanted a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree for years and being the Hallmark Christmas movie junkie that I am (if you are too then you know that they always have Balsam Hill Christmas trees!) it was my top choice. So you may remember last year I…

  • Marble Coffee Table

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    Marble Coffee Table

    Today’s my last day of Thanksgiving break. Why do weekends and breaks always go by so fast? There is supposed to be a snowstorm coming so maybe I’ll have a snow day tomorrow? We’ll see! So if you’ve been following along with my moving saga – I mostly talk about it on my Instastories  – I’m almost all moved in and there are just a few things left to my renovation before I can be completely moved in and living there full time. One of the fun things about moving has been shopping for all the new things like furniture. Granted, my wallet and bank account do not find it…

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    4 Steps To A Suave Home This Christmas

    Christmas is literally just around the corner, and you may be thinking about hosting parties or small get-togethers for your family and friends. Aside from catching up with those that you love, the incredible food and general festivities, one of the best parts of Christmas is being able to show off your lovely home. Take a look at these 4 steps to turn your home from simple to suave just in time for Christmas. Photo by Gary Spears from Pexels Opt for a real Christmas tree There are many incredible tree decorations out there, real or not. However, there’s something magical about a real Christmas tree at this time of…

  • Velvet Pumpkins

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    Velvet Pumpkins

    While sharing some fall decor inspo on my Instagram stories I shared velvet pumpkins from Etsy and wanted them for myself! Hazards of sharing sales and inspo. The ones I originally saw, from the same shop, had more fall-like colors with mustard yellows and olive greens, but then I saw this set with more jewel toned colors like the emerald green. Since I doubted I’d be at my new condo by Halloween (and I was right) I thought the richer colors would be better suited for me since they could easily translate in to decor for the rest of the fall season and Thanksgiving as well. The pumpkins are so cute…