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We’re all likely to move home at some point in our lives. Whether that’s moving out of our parent’s home for the first time, moving away for college, moving into your first home with your partner, moving areas for work or any other reason. This is an exciting process. What’s not to love about browsing the market for a property that will suit your needs and preferences? But it can also quickly become difficult and stressful. Here are a few pieces of advice that can make the whole process as simple and straightforward as possible!


Arrange Things in Advance
If someone is moving out of the property you’re moving into, you’re going to have to collaborate to make sure that your times tables don’t clash. Ensure things are organised so that they will definitely be out of the property when you arrive to move in. All of their belongings should have been removed too!


Put Thought Into Your Packing
When you’re packing things away, be logical. Don’t just throw anything into any box. Instead, keep items for different rooms together. Label your boxes to make sure you know what’s in each and this will make unpacking more simple too! It’s a good idea to pack a few boxes or bags with essentials that you need to unpack first – clothes for your first few days in the new house, phone chargers, pots, pans, plates and cups to be able to eat and drink easily once you do get in. You don’t want to simply face masses of boxes when you get into your new place, not having a clue what’s in each.


Use Moving Services
So many people make the mistake of assuming they can move everything from their current house to their new house independently. But you should make sure to use professional movers. These professionals will know how to maneuver large items, such as appliances or furniture, out of your home safely and will have large enough vehicles to transport everything in one trip. This way, you won’t find yourself driving backwards and forwards all day when you could be unpacking. On top of this, they will have insurance, so if anything does go wrong or anything does become lost or damaged in the move, you will be covered!


Have Someone Look After Your Kids and Pets
Kids and pets can get in the way or get into trouble during the moving process. There will be a lot going on and it’s generally best to leave any kids or pets with a childminder or pet sitter who will be able to keep them out of the way, happy and entertained during the process. You can then move your kids or pets into the new place once everything’s set up and comfortable!

These simple steps really can make the moving process a whole lot more simple for you. The less stress involved, the better. So use these tips and tricks to help things go smoothly!

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