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Ideas To Get Your Home Summer-Beautiful!

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  Summer is the time you’ll want your house looking just perfect. When the sun comes out as do all of our party plans; whether it’s BBQs, or alfresco dinner parties -you’ll want your home to be as summer-beautiful as possible. This way, you’ll fully enjoy your home when you get those much welcomed days-off work to relax. (Plus, you’ll impress the guests at your soirees)! With many options to consider, you may want to look at a few different ideas to get everything looking as gorgeous as possible. With a little bit of work, you’ll have the perfect summer-pad in no time at all. 


Get Colourful
 Summer is the perfect time to get colourful and this season is all about yellow! Symbolically this colour is associated with sunshine, happiness and clarity, so choosing yellow for your walls could create the vibrant summer energy that your space needs! If possible, opt for an eco-friendly paint that’s better for the earth and your body when you breathe it in. Bright colours can make spaces appear bigger and give a dull and tired room a real boost. If you’re not sold on painting every wall in a room yellow, choosing one feature wall (or even just going yellow with your furniture or accessories) can work just as well. 
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 Fun Accessories
The summer season is all about having fun, work and school ease up a little for the holidays, the sun boosts our endorphins, and it’s the season for many social gatherings, holidays and days-out! Why not kit out your home with some equally fun and eye-catching accessories to get you in the fun-loving spirit of things? Think bunting, unique wall art, artsy candles or patterned cushions? Anything that makes you feel great and allows you to create a vibrant feel for your home. Another excellent decoration are indoor plants, they will make your home healthier by cleansing the air plus you can choose items that compliment your themes and colours inside. 


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Maintenance checks
 In the lead up to the summer season, you’ll want to complete maintenance checks of your house to ensure that damages haven’t occurred over the colder months. You should check your roof for signs of cracks or leaks and check your windows and doors for drafts and wear and tear. Renewal by Andersen Windows is a great go-to if you conclude that you need any replacements. You should also keep in mind that the quality of your windows and doors will contribute to how green you are as a household and how much your energy bills will cost during the colder months.


Jazz-up your garden
Summer is the season when you’re likely to be hosting some outdoor events with your friends and family, so you’ll want your garden to be looking great. To keep on a colourful theme, why not invest in some bright garden furniture to create a beautiful summer look? You’ll want to wash your decking, if you have it, with a power-washer to make it sparkle. In addition to this, keep your lawn tidy and invest in some extra flowers. 

 The inside of your house shouldn’t get to have all the fun- so why not purchase some garden accessories too? Perhaps ornaments, lanterns or cushions for your garden furniture? There’s so much to choose from! If you prefer to keep it simple outside, some colourful seat cushions teamed with some white curtains for shade can look just beautiful.

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Have a clear-out
Having a home that’s cluttered can so easily ruin the potential to create a charming and relaxed space. The best thing to do is to invest in cupboards and shelves that have doors, so that personal possessions can be kept in here, to make for a tidier environment. In addition to this, have a big declutter of your house before you start painting or buying any new items; this will make things a whole lot easier and create more space. Summer is all about feeling carefree and relaxed, so you don’t want mess and clutter bringing you down! 

 When you’re shopping around for accessories, don’t be afraid to try second-hand or vintage stores; you can find some gorgeous and inexpensive accessories here. As well as this, you’ll be going greener if you get into the habit of not always opting for brand new purchases when you are revamping your home. Don’t forget that it can be lots of fun to work on your summer-restyling as a household design project together! 

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