Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

Mirrored Jewelry Armoire

I’ve always liked the look of mirrored furniture, but having a whole mirrored dresser didn’t seem vary practical to me. Plus think of all those fingerprints! I’d be Windex-ing every day! As I settled in to my new condo, I knew I had to do something about all my jewelry. I have a large jewelry box with a lot of my fine jewelry, but over the years I’ve accumulated so much fashion jewelry that my jewelry was living out of boxes and the little clear baggies they come in. It was getting messy. So I decided to look for a jewelry armoire and then it dawned on me that I should look for a mirrored one since I’d been wanting a mirrored furniture piece.

After a little bit of online searching and comparing  different ones and prices, I decided on one from Birch Lane. It looked great in photos, had a ton of 5 star reviews, and was over 50% off! Good news – it’s still 56% off! The jewelry armoire met all my expectations and I’m so happy with it.

It has multiple drawers, some that have the little square dividers built in and are more shallow, and a few deeper drawers. I’ve put my hair accessories (barrettes, headbands, etc) in the bottom drawer. The top lid is also mirrored and lifts up for ring and other jewelry storage. The sides click open and contain hooks for you to hang necklaces. It’s actually like a furniture sized version of my large jewelry box because my jewelry box has a top lid, drawers, and side openings for necklaces!

Mirrored Jewelry ArmoireMirrored Jewelry Armoire 1Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 2Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 3Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 4Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 5Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 6Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 7Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 8Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 9Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 10Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 11Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 12Mirrored Jewelry Armoire 13

It was really hard to take photos of this without being in the photo since it’s mirrored! Didn’t really think about that! Don’t mind my slippers and things reflected in it haha. Anyway, as you can see the armoire isn’t too big or cumbersome so it can easily fit in a bedroom. While it’s not bulky, it still offers great storage! Plus, it adds something decorate and pretty to your space.

If you’re like me and trying to figure out what to do with all your jewelry/where to store it, then a jewelry armoire is a great option. And don’t forget, this mirrored one is 56% off!

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