Decor That Makes You Go “Is It Kind Of Purple In Here?”

Purple, it’s a kind of unloved color. It’s not quite feminine like pink, but it’s not quite masculine like blue. It’s a kind of forgotten middle child. But does it have its place in the modern home? If you love to experiment with decor then yes it does. Even if you’re not too keen on the color, it can fit in with many other modern tones that you see all-around your home. The key is pairing it with colors that either elevate it or allow it to blend in. it’s also where you implement this color as well. You’re not going to paint your front door purple anytime soon, but a sofa cushion? That’s more acceptable. Be careful that you don’t overdo it either. Far too often, when we introduce a new color to our home, we feel the need to make an impact with it. Relax and take it slow.


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In the corner of your eye
As aforementioned, sofa cushions are one of the gateway entrances that you can use to implement purple into your home decor. A purple satin sofa cushion goes well if you have a blue or grey sofa. Black is a little too parrel, although a white or cream sofa can also welcome purple with open arms. Also as mentioned, blending in the purple sofa cushions will be best achieved by also having blue sofa cushions. These two colors are not far on the spectrum from each other and thus, the blue gives the purple extra support on the sofa. The true test to see if you’ve done this right is, whether you can pick out the purple from the blue cushion in the corner of your eye. If they blend together then you have succeeded.

A new kind of neon
Plants and flowers will always have their place in the home. However, sometimes even when you properly water indoor plants they just can’t seem to stay alive. You can keep your vegetation alive and well while also introducing neon purple into your home with an led grow light bulb. These hydroponic lamps come in 100w, 300w, 600w and 1,000w power levels. Get the right kind for the amount of purple you want in your home and also for the correct size of plants and flowers you’ll be using it for. It’s a new way to include neon lights in your decor, but the great thing is it can be switched off at any time. 

Get used to it
If you’re unsure about introducing purple into your home, start off somewhere it can’t be seen by guests. The bedroom is the ideal place for this because a purple duvet is going to be practical before it becomes stylish. So, you’ll get used to having this color in your home and pretty soon you won’t even see it as being abnormal.

It takes a lot of thought to get purple decor to fit correctly and feel right in your home. It’s uncommon for a reason, it’s kind of in the middle of many different colors.

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