• Cityscape Graphic Tee + Knit Nikes
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    Cityscape Graphic Tee

    My weekend style lately has been all about being comfy but put together enough for going out to run errands or hang out at a friend’s. Last weekend I wore this dark blue long sleeve tee with a cityscape graphic on the front with black leggings and my new grey knit sneakers. Top: Gap | Leggings: Express | Sneakers: Nike This tee is so cute and comfy. The cityscape print is darling and the white looks so good against the blue. I also love the little pop of yellow in the star. It’s not the warmest, but it’s a good all-year round piece since it is lightweight. In the summer…

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    How To Get A Designer Look For Less

    Image via Unsplash   When it comes to your look, you want to combine comfort and practicality with expressing your personal style. Clothes are a way to express ourselves to the world and shape how it sees us. Many of us covet the latest designer fashions, but affording them is a different matter. You may follow the catwalk reports and flip wistfully through the pages of Vogue for inspiration, but can you actually afford any of those items for your own wardrobe? Even if you could, there are other priorities in life and other bills to pay. Not many of us would feel comfortable buying a top that cost the…

  • Blue & White Ruffle Trim Top
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    Blue & White Striped Ruffle Trim

    I’m really big on finding little (or big) details in pieces that I love whether it’s a tiny glittery stripe, button detail, or a tiered ruffle. That’s why I love this navy blue top. It has the prettiest blue and white striped ruffle trim at the neck and at the wrists. The blue is a lighter, more vibrant blue than the navy the shirt is made of so it’s a nice, bright contrast. Top: J.Crew | Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: Francesca’s | Ring: Express I decided to go with a blue look for this outfit with my blue statement ring and blue twist velvet slip-ons. This top has the feel…

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    What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?

    Image Credit: Unsplash In the world of jewelry, every choice you make says something about your personal style. How you mix and match, and what you wear your jewelry with, gives away a little more than you might think about your taste and even your personality. Indeed, even the choice to not wear jewelry can make a statement! There is nothing like jewelry for transforming an outfit from average to awesome but here are a few of the signals you may not realise you are giving off. Fun and Quirky Matching bright colors, statement pieces and novelty jewelry is a brilliant way to show off your fun side. Fashion doesn’t…

  • Grey Duster
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    Grey Duster

    Dusters are like the ultimate comfy cardigan that look really cool at the same time. This dark grey duster has pockets and is on the more fitted side. I paired it with an off-white tank top with subtle sparkly pinstripes, black leggings, and Uggs. Duster: Jane | Tank Top: Loft | Leggings: J.Crew | Boots: Ugg | Bracelet: Full Line Collection Since this duster is more fitted it created a sleek look with the tank top and leggings. Typically, I don’t like tops or sweaters that are so fitted on the arms because they make me feel claustrophobic, but I didn’t mind it with this duster. And best part is, of…

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    Restyled: Pink Ruffle +White Faux Stone Earrings

    Last Monday I wore this pink ruffle top to work with marled style dress pants and white faux stone c-shaped earrings. I got a ton of compliments on my outfit – way more than I had expected which was nice. But the best part? My top feels like a sweatshirt! So I basically got complimented on how nice my outfit was and I was comfortable like I was in loungewear. The last time I wore this pink ruffle top on the blog I dressed it down with jeans and floral espadrille flats. This time, like I mentioned above, I wore it to work with dress pants and earrings. By the…

  • Edna - No Capes tee & Green Velvet Flats
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    Casual Tee + Dressy Velvet Flats

    Mixing and matching is part of what makes fashion fun. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a casual look and sometimes you’ve got plans that allow you to dress up – or you could just be in the mood to glam it up. And sometimes you can stretch your style creativity just a little more and mix and match casual and dressy pieces. For example when I wore that chambray henley and tulle skirt – a mix of dressy and casual! There’s also the kind of combos like how you can mix and match high and low price items/designer and bargain etc. The look I’m sharing today isn’t too drastic…

  • Angel Coin Charm Bracelet

    Angel Coin Charm Bracelet

    I wrote a few days ago about hoops being a big trend again after a few years in the backseat. Well, coin jewelry is also a huge thing right now and I am all for it. Layered coin necklaces, pendants, charm bracelets, you name it – I love how intricate they can get all while still being dainty for the most part. Back a couple months ago I did a post on my layered coin necklace so you know my love for it is real. When going through my jewelry box, I came across this charm bracelet I got years ago. I’m really talking years ago – like when I was in…

  • Teal Cloudspun Sweater
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    Teal Cloudspun Sweater

    What exactly is a cloudspun sweater? No idea. But this sweater is so super soft that I think it’s called a cloudspun sweater because it’s like you’re wrapping yourself in a cloud. Okay, I honestly don’t know why it’s called a cloudspun sweater but like I said it is ridiculously soft. I got this teal one with the balloon sleeves and it’s long enough to wear with leggings so it’s a winner all around! Sweater: American Eagle | Leggings: Express | Boots: UGG I love that these sleeves slightly balloon, but aren’t too big which makes the sweater much more wearable for every day. I actually wore this exact outfit…

  • Multicolor Tortoise Hoops
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    Multicolor Tortoise Hoops

    Hoops are making a comeback, if you didn’t already know. I’ve never been one for huge hoops – I’ve always loved small ones. But I’ve been venturing more in to the medium sized ones. I think they’re the perfect size for a little pop to your look without becoming too much. These multicolor tortoise shell style hoops were an impulse buy when I was waiting at line to pay at LOFT and I’m so glad I got them! I love these earrings. The colors swirly together so perfectly, they’re the perfect size for me, and they’re seriously lightweight. I’m really sensitive to heavy earrings and I could hardly feel these on.…