• Tie Dye Tiered Ruffle Dress

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    Tie Dye Tiered Ruffle Dress

    It’s hard to believe I’ve been on summer break for 2 weeks already. I guess it’s because I’ve been so busy getting things done that I haven’t had any of those lazy summer days yet. Tomorrow is the 4th of July and it’s going to be so different for many of us. Many towns, mine included, have canceled fireworks due to the pandemic. My town puts on an amazing fireworks display every year. People from other towns come to see it. I have actually only seen it a handful of times because most years when I was a kid, my family would be away on vacation for the 4th. But…

  • Muted Floral Maxi

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    Muted Floral Maxi Dress

    I have been really into the flowy, almost over-sized maxi dress look this summer. Maybe it’s because I’m mostly at home due to social distancing and want to be comfortable all the time. But, I do really like the flowy, boho look. Many of these style maxi dresses are actually one-size fits all dresses, which is okay with me the only problem is the length since I’m so petite at just under 5’2. I love the muted, faded, floral pattern in this dress. It’s so pretty and makes me think of the countryside or something, mixed with the 60s or 70s in that retro, nostalgic way. If I were wearing…

  • Blue Floral Smocked Dress

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    Blue Floral Smocked Dress

    How was everyone’s weekend? I got to see some friends for the first time in months so that was really nice. And I have a hair appointment today for the first time since…January, I think? Can’t wait! You guys know I love smocked detailing. It’s so stretchy and comfortable. This blue floral smocked dress is the perfect summer dress. It’s got ruffled straps, smocked on top, and a fun front slit. I got it in a black floral print too! Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch (here) | Bracelets: The Styled Collection | Sandals: Vici Such a great summer dress! I’m glad I got it in another color too. The dress is…

  • Resort Print Front Tie Top

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    Resort Print Front Tie Top

    It’s hard to believe that I’ve already gone through a week of summer vacation already. Where does the time go? It’s so weird though because I still can’t do that many things so I’m just kind of stuck in the house all day long. Things are opening back up here, but since I have to wear a mask everywhere and don’t want to waste them, I’m only going out when I need to and try to do things on the same day so as to not waste my mask. I am supposed to see some friends today though and I’m really excited for that. I wore this top a few…

  • Pink Animal Print Tiered Tank


    Pink Animal Print Tiered Tank

    Yesterday was the 8th grade drive-in/car parade graduation at my school. It was so hot out, but the whole thing lasted less than an hour so it wasn’t too bad. It was so nice to see the kids from their car windows and their cars were all decorated with balloons and writing and banners. I got a shout out from the valedictorian too, which was so sweet. The senior graduation isn’t until July, when larger groups are allowed to gather so that way they can be seated outside instead of in their cars. Anyway, today I’m sharing this casual summer look. Tiered tank tops are always a classic and I…

  • Green Floral Eyelet Trim Tee

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    Green Floral Eyelet Tee

    A few weeks back I shared a grey and white striped tee with eyelet trim on the hem and in an overlapping detail in the back. I bought this green floral print one at the same time! Tee: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s (here) } Shorts: Sonoma Goods for Life via Kohl’s | Sandals: Vici Last time with the grey striped tee I wore it with black leggings and black sandals. This time I wore it with dark wash denim shorts and tan sandals. I love this all-over tiny floral print, the green color, and the eyelet detailing. I hope you had a great weekend! *This post contains affiliate links.*

  • Swing Dress + Lace Kimono

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    Restyled: Lace Kimono + Patterned Swing Dress

    Just 2 days left to the school year! I can’t believe it! I’m hustling to get all my grading and work done, but so far so good. I’ll finally be able to breathe next week once everything is all done and I go back to work to finish packing up my classroom. In the meantime, today I’m sharing this restyling of a lace kimono and patterned swing dress. Both items are old, but I saw them hanging near each other in my closet the other day and thought they would look great together. Dress: Old Navy | Sandals: Target My lace kimono was a birthday or Christmas gift a few…

  • Tye Dye Cinch Waist Tee

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    Tie Dye Cinch Waist Tee

    Another day, another cropped length tee, but again I’m okay with it since I’m wearing it with high-waisted bottoms. The tie dye in this tee are so light colored that it’s perfect for people who like tie dye, but not the vibrant sort of tie dye. Or if you’re unsure if you like the trend, then this tee is the perfect foray into the style. The tee is super soft and lightweight with cuffed short sleeves. The waist also has a drawstring to cinch it. Tee: American Eagle (here) | Leggings: Express | Sandals: Vici The tee comes in 5 color options and I got it in this tie dye…

  • Orange Floral Cropped Smocked Peplum

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    Orange Floral Cropped Peplum

    I can’t believe it’s the last week of school already. The school year really flew by and especially these last 3 months teaching virtually. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been teaching my students via Zoom since mid-March. I feel bad for my students who are missing actually seeing their friends and classmates and I feel especially bad for the seniors who missed out on prom, the last days of senior year, and a normal graduation. I’m working on a blog post for the end of the week, reminiscing about my high school senior year which was pretty long ago now. Anyway, today I’m sharing this orange floral cropped smock…

  • Lilac Lips Tee

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    Lilac Lips Tee

    Everyone’s seen all the graphic lip tees of the tongue sticking out. They’ve been everywhere for over a year probably. I only saw one that I liked and it was a subtle tie dye one but it was sold out, so I never got one. Til now. Although this one is different from the others, which is what really drew me to it. Tee: Pink Lily Boutique (here) | Shorts: Sonoma Goods for Life via Kohl’s | Sandals: Vici The tongue isn’t sticking straight out which is different than the hundreds of other ones out there and the lips are in an animal print, which I think is so fun!…