Book Review: The Score

The Score is book 3 in the Off-Campus series. I wrote about the first two books, The Deal and The Mistake earlier this week.

I absolutely loved The Score. It is a very close second to my favorite in the series – my all-time favorite being The Deal. The Score picks up a week after The Mistake ends and focuses on Dean and Allie.

Dean is one of Garrett and Logan’s best friends. He is their teammate on the hockey team and lives with them. He is depicted in the first two books as the biggest player out of all of them. He’s always partying and with a different girl each time, never hooking up with the same one twice. There’s also this running joke/thing with him that he’s always hooking up with girls in their living room and never brings them up to his room (this reason for this is explained in this book). During The Mistake there is mention of Allie and her longtime boyfriend, Sean, fighting a lot. There’s a scene in particular where Hannah and Garrett come home instead of spending the night at the dorms because Allie and Sean are fighting and end up having a sort of double date with Logan and Grace.

At the start of The Score Allie has broken up with Sean and he won’t leave her alone. Hannah, Garrett, Logan, and Grace are out of town for the weekend and tell her to stay at the house so that Sean can’t harass her at the dorm. Dean and Tuck will be at the house so if Sean figures out where she is they can deal with him. The guys even text Dean and Tuck about it and expressly tell Dean to basically keep it in his pants.

Allie is friends with Dean and knows he’s a self-proclaimed man-whore, but the night she shows up he’s actually being a really good listener. They end up drinking far too much and end up hooking up anyway. This changes everything. Allie doesn’t want to get involved with Dean, no matter how much fun she had with him and how attracted she is to him, because she’s a relationship kind of girl and he’s not serious. Dean’s dilemma is that he can’t get Allie off his mind. He doesn’t even feel an attraction to any other girls since hooking up with Allie. They also don’t want their friends to find out about them because they’ll never hear the end of it.

Will Allie give in and continue to see Dean? Will Dean change his ways now that he can’t stop thinking about Allie?

I loved this book so much and just like with The Deal, I’ve reread so many chapters of this one. While the steamy scenes in this book are less about vulnerability like in The Deal, they are spicy and fun to read. It’s less about vulnerability and trust with Dean and Allie and more about how compatible they are with each other and inevitably feelings follow. They become what the other needs the most and while they are able to be on their own, they don’t want to be apart. I loved seeing the evolution of Dean.

Dean & Allie are up there with Hannah & Garrett in my opinion!

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