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7 Expensive Exterior Design Mistakes To Avoid

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Thinking of giving the exterior of your home a makeover? Make sure that you don’t fall trap to some of these costly exterior design mistakes…

Using the wrong type of paint

A new lick of paint can be a great way to freshen up your home’s exterior, but it’s important that you use the right paint. Most people know not to use interior paint on the exterior of their home, however a lot of people can end up using the wrong exterior paint for the job. There are different paints suitable for different types of cladding – you shouldn’t use masonry paint on wooden siding for example. On top of this, you need to consider the texture (Matt? Gloss? Hammered?) and its protective properties (Do you need to protect against mold? What about UV damage?). Choosing the right paint will prevent you having to repaint it if it doesn’t turn out right.

Skimping on a bad roofing job

It’s tempting to save money on roof repair/replacement by hiring amateurs or even doing it yourself. However, you could end up spending a lot more money in the long run if it gets botched. Incorrectly installed roofs can be prone to leaks, drafts, heat loss and pests. They’re also likely to fall apart sooner. Always hire professional roofers – especially when it comes to more complex roofing jobs like custom roofing. Your roof will last longer than problems, and even if there are problems they will usually be covered by a warranty.

Overlooking drainage when building a driveway

A DIY driveway seems pretty feasible for many people, but what a lot of people overlook is the need for drainage. Driveways need to be sloped to encourage water to run off, otherwise water will pool on them or end up running off into the foundations of your home. There are other methods of driveway drainage such as using gravel or a permeable surface – just make sure that there is some form of drainage. 

Removing character features on a period home

Certain old features on a period property could be important for preserving character. This could include original timber windows, historic plaques or ornate trim moulding. Removing these features could devalue your home in some cases. On some very old properties, such features may even be protected, as you may be heavily fined for removing them. This is why it’s best to speak to architects. They will understand not only the legalities of what you want to do, but the practicalities as well, ensuring you end up with exactly what you want without getting into any trouble. 

Neglecting the exterior of a period home to preserve character

While it’s important to preserve some of the history of an older property, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect all maintenance. You’ll likely still need to replace old siding, repair roofing and add a new lick of paint every so often. Lack of care will similarly devalue the property, and could also lead to issues like leaks. 

Installing a balcony without a permit

There are certain exterior improvements that cannot be carried out without a permit. One such improvement is installing an upstairs balcony. While juliet balconies are typically acceptable, any balcony that protrudes will need a permit. Carrying out work without getting a permit could be risky as you may be ordered by your local zoning authorities to remove it afterwards if they find out. For this reason, always seek permission for balconies (as well as any other addition that protrudes from your home).

Ignoring exterior lighting

Exterior lighting isn’t just useful for helping you find your keys at night. It’s also one of the most effective ways to ward off burglars, as it makes it harder for them to break in unseen. Consider investing in some exterior lighting for your home to prevent being a target. A single motion-sensing light above the door may be enough to deter most thieves. 

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