Older Home Or Newer Home: What’s Best For You?


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Nowadays people move around a lot more than they did when our grandparents and even our parents were our age. There are definitely many reasons for this, including rising costs, lifestyle change requirements, and even because of work.

With that comes a lot more opportunity to look for an live in various types of properties, from modern and sleek city centre apartments, to traditional country homes, and every style in between, there’s really no shortage of properties for us to choose from.

So, how do we make such decisions when pretty much everything looks great, and all have their own good and bad points?

Well, in this post I want to give you a few different benefits of each that you can take into consideration when it comes to deciding between whether to go with an older, more traditional modern home, or a new, shiny modern build.


Benefits Of A Modern Build:

Walk-in ready:
When we think of a new home, we conjure up images of fresh, clean, and open spaces. This is typically what a modern build will offer, and quite a lot of the time they’ve never even been lived in and have also been fitted with the latest appliances that are built in, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and even storage solutions. Having a place that’s ready to move in to certainly makes a big difference when choosing a place to live.

May cost less to run:
Newer homes typically focus on being as energy-efficient as possible, and will also be very well insulated to stop heat escaping in winter, so we’ve found that when people live in modern build homes, they tend to have lower costs to face in terms of utilities.

Generally built to latest safety standards:
As well as focused on being more green and energy-efficient, various regulations within the building trade and across many industries involved in home building work to ensure that all new homes built are adhering to the latest safety and quality standards. This includes things like wiring, plumbing, and the materials used in building such as paints and floor coverings.


Benefits Of An Older Home:

Often full of character:
There’s no denying that older homes possess a variety of features that really give them a certain element of charm and character that modern houses just don’t have. From high ceilings, wrap-around porches, bay windows, and Victorian staircases, modern homes just won’t be built to accommodate these features that naturally exist in older homes from when they were built.

May have stronger heating systems:
A lot of older homes still operate on older style heating systems that can actually provide more even and stronger heat than modern ones. Things like bunded oil tanks or a Grundfos pressure pump offer a very efficient and environmentally friendly to heat older homes sometimes more affordably than modern heating systems do.

May come with more space:
Whilst modern homes are often built within complexes offering a set amount of outside space for each unit, a lot of older homes were built in times when people owned their land and built a property on it, so many of these homes come with the land included which is often quite a lot.

Of course the style of home we should all choose is one that fits within our lifestyle needs and aligns with our goals for the future.

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