Make Your Garden A Social Space

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When it comes to throwing garden parties and eating family meals al fresco, having a suitable outdoor space is important. Here are a few ways in which you can make your garden better suited to socialising.


Build a patio
Every garden needs a designated social area. A patio is a great way to mark out this area. There are many companies out there such as Stylemaster Patios that can help you to design and build a patio. Laying a patio involves first de-weeding and levelling the area – you can then lay down your patio slabs in a pattern of your choice. Make sure to maintain your patio by sweeping it regularly and pressure washing it every couple years.


Get some garden furniture
You won’t be able to sit outside on your patio if you don’t have any garden furniture. It’s worth investing in a furniture set that is robust and weatherproof – cheap plastic chairs and tables are likely to get brittle and discoloured fast. Instead opt for wooden furniture, synthetic rattan, aluminium or cast iron. Companies like Wyevale Garden Centres have a great selection of garden furniture to choose from. You may also want to buy cushions and throws for these furniture to make them more cosy.


Provide a canopy
Having a canopy in your garden will help to offer people shelter from the sun and the rain. This will prevent people having to go inside to seek shelter. Patio umbrellas are the most basic option for providing shelter, but mat not provide much space to huddle under. A gazebo could be a better option as it is bigger and sturdier. Companies such as Gazebo Depot specialise in gazebos and could be great place to shop.


Add some outdoor lighting
Outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your garden long in to the evening. Solar lighting can be an economical option as it doesn’t require batteries or mains power – however such lighting tends to offer a more ambient glow. You can buy brighter outdoor LED flood lights from companies such as Lighting Ever. This light could be motion sensing as a way of saving money on electricity.


Set up outdoor heating
Once the sun sets, the temperature may also start to drop. An outdoor heating source could be useful to have in such a situation. Electric and gas patio heaters are one way of providing warmth. There are companies such as Alfresia that offer a selection of these patio heaters. For a more natural source of warmth meanwhile, you could build a fire pit.

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