Coach Reversible Flap Crossbody

Coach Reversible Flap Crossbody

What’s better than a nice, good quality crossbody bag than to get two in one? When I was shopping for a new crossbody bag back in the fall I came across this Coach one that was small and classic. And then I realized it had a reversible flap and I was sold! One side is black and one side is white. All you have to do is unsnap the back and flip it around. It’s hard to describe, but it only unsnaps on one end and the other is still stitched to the bag itself so when you want to use the other side you unsnap it and flap it around to the other side. Hopefully the photos will give you a better idea!

Anyway, even though I got this back in the fall I wanted to share it since I realized I haven’t yet and it was the only bag I took away with me when I was out of town a few weeks ago. It’s the perfect purse to take when you go away because you can use the black side or the white side and it will pretty much match any outfit you pack.

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Isn’t this so great for traveling? Then you don’t have to bring a different purse for all your different outfits! It served me well on my long weekend away and I included photos of me wearing it when I was away and how it worked with the different colors for different outfits.

I don’t have a link for this exact bag, but a quick Google search showed me that there are a bunch out there!

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