Floral + Lace Cami

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Floral + Lace Trim Cami

Loose fitting clothing is my favorite in summer. Flowy pieces are always my preference and when it’s so hot out the last thing you want is your clothing clinging to you when you’re sweating. So this cami with dark florals and black lace detailing and trim is perfect for a nice, easy outfit.

Floral + Lace Cami 11
Floral + Lace Cami 10
Floral + Lace Cami 9
Floral + Lace Cami 8
Floral + Lace Cami 7
Floral + Lace Cami 6
Floral + Lace Cami 5
Floral + Lace Cami 4
Floral + Lace Cami 3
Floral + Lace Cami 2
Floral + Lace Cami 1
Floral + Lace Cami

Top: American Eagle | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Sunglasses: LOFT | Flip Flops: Kohl’s

I decided to wear this cami top with capri leggings because I wanted to go with dark bottoms and these leggings are so comfortable. I wore this outfit out to see Legally Blonde the Musical at Plays in the Park so I wanted to be comfortable while still being stylish.

I love the lace trim and the center lace detailing. It’s a nice touch to this flowy cami top.

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