• Star print overalls
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    Star Print Overalls

    See, I told you I loved star print. Overalls have made a major comeback in the past few years. I bought a pair of soft denim shortalls a few summers ago and didn’t regret it. I was more hesitant to buy a pair of long overalls though. I’m petite and did not want to look like a child. It’s also why I haven’t jumped on the barrette trend yet. Yet being the operative word because I did order a set from Amazon for a steal just to try out but haven’t received them yet. So I’ll report on those later on. But anyway, I was hesitant to wear long overalls.…

  • Multicolor Star Tee
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    Multicolor Stars

    I love star print (that sounds weird – star prints?) and this v-neck tee has the cutest multicolor embroidered stars. The multicolor stars on the navy blue is cute in itself, but the fact that they’re embroidered makes it so much better and a higher quality than if it was just printed on. To keep with the star theme I wore my Swarovski star pendant. This was the perfect weekend outfit to go out and about in. Tee: Gap | Necklace: Swarovski | Leggings: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Red Dress Boutique I wore a tank top underneath the tee since the v is a little low, leggings, and slip on…

  • Blue Floral Lace Trim Dress
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    Blue Floral Lace Trim Dress

    This dress has two things I love – florals and lace. It’s like it was practically made for me! When I first saw this dress online, I saw it in white and I immediately loved it. But then, I saw it was offered in blue and I had to decide which color I wanted. The white was what I originally saw and loved, but that blue was pretty too. As you can see I went with the blue. My choice was mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t sure if the white would be see-through. The back of the dress is low which is a really pretty detail for…

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    Belt Bag

    Belt bags have been a growing trend, if you didn’t already know. Essentially they’re fanny packs, but these chic bags have been renamed “belt bags” and are worn by stylish women you see on the city streets instead of your mom in the 80s and 90s around the amusement parks. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the trend. There are some, mostly designer ones, that look so good on people on social media. But, I wasn’t sure how I’d like the look on myself. Luckily for me, I got to try out the trend without spending any money. Earlier this spring when I placed an order on DSW, they…

  • Green & Pink Leopard Print
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    Green & Pink Leopard Dress

    If you guys have been following me for a while then you know that this past year I’ve developed a love for leopard print, which is surprising because I used to hate it. I don’t even know how or when the change occurred, but it did! Although I only have a few leopard print items, I usually go for subtle pieces like the beige sweater I shared over the winter. But when I saw this bright green and pink leopard shift dress I thought it was so fun. Plus, I love the color combination of the kelly green and hot pink. Dress: ASOS | Shoes: Express I love the colors…

  • Green Smock Top + Mustard Yellow Mules
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    Restyled: Green Smock Top + Mustard Bow Mules

    Sharing another restyling today. The purpose for this restyling is to show off my new shoes! I’ve been loving the bow mule trend – the kind with the cutout between the bow and the toes. When I saw these mustard colored ones I thought they were so cute. I was a bit hesitant at first to get them because I wasn’t sure if I could match them with a lot of outfits. But, I decided that everyone loves mustard, myself included, and it would actually go with a lot more than at first thought. Plus, it would be a departure from the normal black, grey, taupe, white shoes. So I…

  • Peach Shimmer Ruffle Vent Top
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    Peach Shimmer Ruffle Vents

    A few weeks ago I shared a grey ruffle vent top with a pink heart print. When I bought that top, I also bought it in this light pink/peach shade with little gold shimmer in it. You can’t really see the shimmer in the top in these photos because it is super subtle, but trust me – it’s there! Top: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Jeans: Uniqlo | Shoes: Target I wish the shimmer showed up in photos! But like I mentioned above, it is very subtle and it’s part of the material – it’s not like glittery or on top of the fabric. I paired this top with…

  • Sleeve Cutout Ribbed Sweater
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    Cutout Sleeve Ribbed Sweater

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! My family had a surf & turf dinner at my parents’ house last night and I’m going back over tonight for just dinner with my parents. I hope you’re all celebrating with your moms or mother figures and all you moms are being pampered and celebrated today. Today, I’m sharing this forest green dolman sleeve sweater with horizontal rib detailing and cutouts in the sleeves. The cutouts have little dark grey studs or buttons which is a nice detail. Sweater: Jennifer Lopez via Kohl’s | Pants: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Shoes: Target I wore this outfit to work a…

  • Striped Short Bell Sleeve
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    Striped Short Bell Sleeves

    Short bell sleeves always make for fun tops. It’s like belling out the sleeves instantly dresses up the short sleeve top. This striped top has billowy bell sleeves and it’s a a sweater material so it’s perfect for work. Top: LOFT | Pants: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s |¬†Shoes: Target The stripes in this sweater look black, but in person they’re actually a dark blue which is a nice change since most classic striped tops are black and white. Overall, this top is a great staple piece for your closet. It’s great to wear with dark wash jeans or black pants like I did here for work!

  • Tie Front Sweater Dress
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    Black Tie Front Sweater Dress

    I finally saw Avengers: End Game yesterday morning and it’s true – it did not feel like a 3 hour movie. It was full of action, sad moments, funny moments, and everything in between. I really liked the movie, although there were a few things I would change personally! But I won’t get in to it here in case you haven’t seen it yet. It was a great cap to an amazing franchise and I hope there will be more Avengers movies in the future. But not like, reboots because that’s lame, but I mean a continuation with some of the characters/superheroes. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and let’s just…