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Winter Scarf

Wrapper's Delight: Winter Scarf



I’m not exaggerating when I say that I want to be wearing this outfit right now. Blanket scarves are so amazing, but tricky to know when to wear. I say this because generally when it’s cold enough to wear a blanket scarf – here in the northeast at least – then it’s cold enough for me to be wearing a big, down jacket. And if I wore a winter coat and a blanket scarf at the same time I’d look like a big puff ball walking down the street! The time period when you can walk around with just a sweater and a blanket scarf is a pretty narrow window, but nonetheless I love this outfit!

I love this cable knit chunky knit sweater with jeans with light distressing at the knees. I paired it with a plaid blanket scarf that features a color combo that I’ve been wanting for myself for years! Lastly, a tote bag and deep slit booties to finish off the look.

Do you like blanket scarves?

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