The Small Stuff You Should Sweat During A Second House Viewing

The first viewing on any property is all about gut feeling. At this stage, you’ll be looking at bigger picture things like layout and even the space on offer. But, it would be madness to put an offer in on the back of a first viewing alone.

When you’re looking at the bigger picture, it’s all too easy to overlook the little things. That’s why you should arrange a second viewing soon after deciding a property could be a fit for you. This can be an agonizing process, as you’ll probably want the house taken off the market the moment you fall in love with it. In reality, though, a few extra days likely won’t mean losing out, though it could lead to your making an informed decision.

To ensure you can put in a reasonable offer, you need to make sure you get into the nitty-gritty during this second look. To do that, you should scrap the bigger picture and look at the little details. In fact, the more you zoom in on the small stuff, the better chance you have at avoiding surprises later. As such, any second viewing should include seemingly picky checks like – 


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Regular maintenance of electricals isn’t something many homeowners keep up with. As such, checking the fuse box and electrical systems is a must during this second property. Do note that this isn’t something an estate agent will volunteer, but it’s within your rights to ask. An incredibly old looking fuse box may be a sign that circuit updating from an electrician like frankgayservices.com would be necessary. This can be expensive and time-consuming, meaning many homebuyers would see it as a red flag. Make sure that’s a flag you don’t miss.


Few people think to look at a roof during a first viewing. You’ll be too busy admiring that beautiful garden, after all. Yet, failure to notice roof issues can lead to more expensive problems later. Admittedly, a few loose roof tiles aren’t enough to put most home buyers off, but this is something you should look out for. That way, you’ll be able to contact companies like roofrepairhq.com for a quote straight away. You’ll then be in the best position to negotiate a reasonable offer.


Most of us would feel shy about testing all the lights and appliances during a property viewing, but this is what second viewings are all about. A house without working appliances isn’t much good to anyone, after all. This is one of those hidden issues which is best brought into the open early on. As such, don’t be afraid to test lights and even taps. Then, you can ask questions about any issues you notice. Bear in mind that appliance issues can be prevalent in both old and new homes, so this really isn’t a step which any second-time viewer can avoid.

Second viewing out the way, you’ll finally be able to put in that all-important offer. Or not, depending on how things go…

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