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Foyer/Stairs Update

So remember yesterday when I said I was hoping to wake up feeling much better and wouldn’t have to go to the doctor? Well, I had to go to the doctor and it turns out I have the flu! While it sucks, I’m feeling kind of lucky (so far) because I know a lot of people who get the flu and are absolutely miserable for days and get very very sick. I have been feeling pretty normal aside from the fever and sore throat. Of course, when I went to the doctor yesterday morning my fever was gone and my temperature was the lowest it’s been in days. Isn’t that always the case? But anyway, I tested positive for the flu and the doctor basically said I can go back to work whenever I feel up to it. So I’m off today to get some more rest and not get worse and I’m hoping to go back tomorrow, because frankly taking days off is more work than staying home when you’re a teacher. A low-grade fever did come back yesterday evening so I’m hoping today I stay fever free and can go back to work now that I’m on antibiotics. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, now that I’ve written a whole story on that – I’m going to try to keep my actual post pretty short. There isn’t really much to say about it really! As I’ve detailed in multiple other posts about the updates I’ve done to my condo, I’m back today to talk about my foyer/stairs. So when you enter my condo there is a little foyer area with a coat closet and room for some other little furniture.

When I bought the condo, the floor tile in the foyer was a beige color and was looking kind of dull and worn. The walls were the same color as the rest of the condo a beige/yellow-ish color. The banisters were oak and the stairs were carpeted like the rest of the upstairs.

I’ll briefly list when I had done and then you can see all the before/during/after photos!

  • Removed the foyer tiles and put in a grey ceramic tile. The tile was actually really affordable and from Home Depot. It will be linked below.
  • Ripped out the carpeting
  • Painted (same color as the rest of the condo aside from the bedrooms and my accent walls)
  • Put in new bannisters (the oak bannisters were nice, but in order to put the stair treads in the bannister was going to have to come out. After some trial and error we got the bannisters stained the correct color.
  • The stair treads were installed and stained a dark grey color to get to be as close as possible to my flooring upstairs.
  • The landing is the same vinyl flooring as I have in the living room/dining room/hallway.
  • New baseboards
  • Chandelier (will be linked at the end of this post too). So when I first bought the place the light fixture hanging from the ceiling was just a flood light…
  • Lastly, I added a bench from The Container Store that comes with a cushion so you can sit to put your shoes on. The rattan cubes are sold separately, but I’ve linked them both. The wall mounted coat hook bar is so cool because you can move the hooks to any hole you want. I also got this at The Container Store, but I think it’s been discontinued because I can’t find it on their website and when I look at other retailers it either says out of stock or not available.

Foyer - Stairs Update 2Foyer - Stairs Update 3Foyer - Stairs Update 1Foyer - Stairs Update

Living Room Update

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What do you guys think? I think it looks sooo much better! I love how the stairs turned out – it’s so much better than the carpet. And I absolutely love my chandelier! I just keep the coat that I’m currently using hung up on as well as the shoes I’m currently wearing in the baskets. I keep the rest of my coats and shoes in the coat closet. I’ve linked to what I could below!

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