Dining Room Update
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Dining Room Update

I’m back with another renovation/update post and today it’s my dining room. It’s not really a “room” per se since my condo has a pretty open concept to it, but it’s the dining area, let’s say. This room didn’t go through major changes – it’s not like I changed the whole layout or gutted it all –  but I did do a few things that changed the whole feel of the room in my opinion.

So one thing to note is that since the layout is pretty open, things like the paint color and floor changes are the same for my living room, hallway, stairs – all of which I will write separate posts for in the near future.

When I bought the condo the stairs and all of the upstairs (main living space) was carpet except for the bathrooms and kitchen. I knew right away that I wanted to rip out all of that carpet. It’s cleaner to have flooring plus I really did not want carpet in the dining room. I picked out a vinyl flooring from Home Depot called “Oak Strip Charcoal”. I’ll talk more about the flooring probably in my upcoming living room post, but anyway I have the same flooring in the dining room (since it’s connected).

I had the walls painted an off-white cream color and new trim and baseboards put in as well as shoe molding. As mentioned in my kitchen post, my parents’ neighbor is a contractor, so he did all my trim.

Next, I knew I wanted to change out the light fixture. It wasn’t my style and the I felt that the shade on it would get really dusty. Plus, the color of it made the room look more yellow. I picked out a new light fixture from Home Depot. When the electrician came to install it, they actually had to go in to the attic and put in another board to reinforce the ceiling because the light fixture I picked out is a lot heavier than the one that had been there.

You can see in to the kitchen from the dining room through the entryway and the window. I mentioned in my kitchen post that I had the quartz put on that window and added trim. The battery operated (with remote!) candles on top were a Christmas gift from a student.

I picked out a farmhouse style table with 6 accompanying chairs from Value City Furniture, brought my Antique Blue Buffet Table that I had at my townhouse, put up a canvas painting of a bicycle with flowers from HomeSense, and bought new dishes, cutlery, etc.

I took photos over the weekend when I had my table set for company – seemed like the perfect opportunity to take photos of a set table! My dishes are Mikasa and called “French Countryside”. My cutlery are Oneida and called “Countess”. My glasses are either Dailyware or Libbey – I don’t remember which because I have bought both in the past. My placemats are from the Pioneer Woman line as is my butter dish and salt & pepper shaker. Lastly, my napkin holder is from Bed, Bath & Beyond and my vase is from Anthropologie.

Here are before and after photos!

Dining Room Update 3Dining Room Update 13Dining Room Update 14Dining Room Update 24Dining Room Update 25Dining Room Update 26Dining Room Update 27Dining Room Update 22Dining Room Update 23Dining Room Update 21Dining Room Update 16Dining Room Update 9Dining Room Update 17Dining Room Update 18Dining Room Update 8Dining Room UpdateDining Room Update 1Dining Room Update 10Dining Room Update 11Dining Room Update 12Dining Room Update 2Dining Room Update 4Dining Room Update 5Dining Room Update 6Dining Room Update 7Dining Room Update 19Dining Room Update 20Dining Room Update 15

What do you think?! I’d love to know your thoughts on the changes I made!

I have everything I could link to in the collage below!

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