Nutcracker Christmas Mugs

Nutcracker Christmas Mugs

One day I hope to be able to buy more from Anthropologie than mugs, but for now mugs it is! I’ve gotten a few mugs in the past year and I love them all. My newest ones are from this year’s Christmas collection – more specifically from the Nutcracker collection. Of course, I couldn’t choose just one so I had to get all 3 while they were on sale!

Nutcracker Christmas MugsNutcracker Christmas Mugs 1Nutcracker Christmas Mugs 2Nutcracker Christmas Mugs 3Nutcracker Christmas Mugs 4Nutcracker Christmas Mugs 5

They were all too pretty to choose just one! I love the detail in each one. The Christmas trees and house, the Nutcracker characters like Clara, Drosselmeyer, the toy soldiers, Sugarplum Fairy, Mouse King, etc – so cute!

The next thing I have my eye on at Anthropologie is the agate cheeseboard. I’ve actually had it on my radar for months, but it is pricey so I’ll have to wait til either there’s a major sale on them or I have extra spending money since I’ve still got holiday shopping to do and home stuff to buy! Though technically an agate cheeseboard falls under new home stuff to buy for my place, right? πŸ˜‰

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