• Kendra Scott Ellie Stud Earrings - Dichroic Glass

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    December 2019 Favorites

    Every month seems to fly by and I pretty much always say that, but I can’t believe we’re at the last day of 2019! Not just the last day of December, but the last day of the year and decade. It’s so crazy to think about. A lot has changed in the past 10 years and some things have stayed the same. The way 2019 started is really different from the way 2019 is ending. This year I moved out of my townhouse that I had bought with my brother and bought a condo of my own. Spent almost 3 months getting it renovated and just recently moved in. It’s…

  • Holly Print Thermal Pajamas

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    Holly Print Thermal Pajamas

    Merry Christmas! I hope all of you that celebrate Christmas had a wonderful Christmas Eve and have an equally great Christmas day. One of my fondest memories growing up is going to my grandparents’ house every week for dinner. That’s not the fond memory – it was a little boring – but during the holidays it would be such a fun ride (granted it was only 15 minutes) because I loved seeing all Christmas lights on the houses on the drive. My grandparents always got a real tree so I would go each week wondering if this was the week the tree would be there. In the later years, the…

  • Front Door Christmas Card


    Simple Christmas Cards

    A few years ago I made Christmas cards. Nothing fancy, just card stock, markers, and 3D Christmas stickers. Well, this year, since I have just moved (literally, I just officially moved in yesterday) I came up with a super easy and simple Christmas card this year. My vision was to get plain white cards and to draw a door on them with my new house number and a 3D wreath sticker. I went to Michael’s and couldn’t find anything! Most of the Christmas stuff was wiped out and this was back in early December so it’s not like I was looking last minute! I found a few things that could have…

  • Christmas Chicken Pot Pie


    Christmas Chicken Pot Pie

    I really thought I had shared a post on here before on chicken pot pie, but after a quick search on here I found out I haven’t! The reason I thought I’d shared it on here before is because my mom has been making this chicken pot pie recipe for as long as I can remember. At least 20 years. Let’s flash back to my childhood. I have family in Canada and have been to visit many times (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa). When I was young, my aunt and cousins lived in a small town near Montreal and near where she lived was a shop that sold pies. One of the…

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    Splurge Gift Guide

    If you didn’t have a budget and could spend as much as you want on your Christmas gifts or for a gift for yourself, what would you get? I thought it would be fun to put together a splurge gift guide because maybe you’re working with a higher or limitless budget or maybe you really want one of these items as a nice gift for yourself. Each item I’ve picked out here is something I really for myself, but haven’t gotten. The prices range from just under $200 to over $1,000 so it’s a wide range, but more than I want to or am able to spend right now…or any…

  • Stocking

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    Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

    For my stocking stuffer gift guide, I wanted to think of items that would actually fit in a stocking. I see so many stocking stuffer gift ideas that float around the internet where I’m like what size stocking do you have? I mean, when I was younger my parents would put little gifts inside my stocking (hence stocking stuffers) and a few gifts below the stocking on the fireplace as well as presents under the tree. But presents under the stockings are presents, not stocking stuffers! So that’s why I wanted to keep my ideas for you guys items that would actually fit in a stocking. My stocking holder is the…

  • Christmas Tree Truck Sweatshirt + Plaid Sherpa Blanket

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    Cozy Gift Guide

    I am all about being cozy. As much as I like going out adventuring and doing things, I also love staying home, being on the couch with a blanket, and watching a movie. So it was a no brainer for me to put together a cozy gift guide. Sweatshirt: Pink Lily Boutique (here) | Blanket: Abercrombie & Fitch (here) | Mug: Anthropologie Is there anything better than being cozied up under a plaid sherpa blanket with a hot drink, in comfy clothes, in front of the Christmas tree? I think not! I love my new Christmas sweatshirt – the Christmas tree in the red truck is so classic. My plaid…

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    Secret Santa/White Elephant Gift Guide

    My friends from home and I have done Secret Santa for years starting in high school. It started out with putting our names on paper in a paper bag and then we started doing Elfster online. It started to get harder over the years with less people and more married couples and I always set it so that couples can’t get each other. So there have been a lot of repeats over the years. We decided this year to do White Elephant, but a “nice’ White Elephant. Let me explain what that means. Typically, White Elephants consists of gag gifts. Everyone brings a wrapped present and you put the pile…

  • Fishbowl Ornaments

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    Christmas Decor

    So even though I’m not in my condo full-time yet I have decorated it for Christmas. I would probably do a little bit more if renovations weren’t still getting finished up, but I think it’s actually pretty festive considering I’m not in there fully yet. I wrote about myBalsam Hill tree last week, which I am excited about and adore. Now let’s talk about the other holiday decor I have out. Most of the items are things I either bought last year or have had for a long time. First, my garland. I bought this garland and matching wreath from Target last year. Last year I had it on my…

  • Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Narrow

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    Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

    My Christmas tree went up the day before Thanksgiving and I love it! For almost all my life I’ve put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving was so late this year that I wanted to do my tree early. But then I got busy so I only got to do it the day before….so not that much earlier, but whatever. Anyway, I have wanted a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree for years and being the Hallmark Christmas movie junkie that I am (if you are too then you know that they always have Balsam Hill Christmas trees!) it was my top choice. So you may remember last year I…