VBeam Session 4
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VBeam Laser Session 4

I had my 4th VBeam laser treatment session on Wednesday and like my previous posts on the treatment I wanted to do a post on it. Not much to report this time so it will be a quick post!

If you’re new around here, I started doing VBeam laser treatments at Reflections Center for Skin & Body in August after a consultation. I wanted to get rid of some scars/dark marks on my face from pimples. The procedure is extremely quick. You clean your face, the nurse put the goggles on you, the doctor zaps your face with the laser which stings/burns a little but isn’t too painful, and then you’re done! I’m usually in and out of the center in 15 minutes and that includes wait time! Anyway, I went for my 4th treatment hoping it would be my last VBeam treatment and then we could discuss what to do next. My session seemed even quicker than the previous 3 times which I take to mean that there’s less scars to treat. I can definitely tell that my face looks clearer and with makeup on some days my skin looks as close to flawless as it has been in years. Unfortunately, I do have to go for at least 1 more VBeam treatment (curse you breakouts that cause new scars!). I’m hoping I’ll be done after my session in December and then we can discuss a different treatment for a few of my brown marks. I have one brown mark which is particularly bothering me which seems to have cropped up out of nowhere! My doctor told me that that happens a lot because once the red marks are gone, the brown ones are more noticeable since redness masks a lot of other imperfections.

Anyway, I’ve still got at least another session to go so I’ll keep you guys posted! I’ve got photos to share below. The ones in my car are from just prior to going in to my appointment. Then, I have 2 quick snaps I took while waiting for the doctor to come in. I took them real fast because usually after the nurse leaves I have like a minute before the doctor comes in. Lastly, the ones with me and my Christmas mug are from the next morning with a little makeup on.

VBeam Session 4VBeam Session 4 1VBeam Session 4 2VBeam Session 4 3VBeam Session 4 4VBeam Session 4 5

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