• Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw

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    February 2020 Favorites

    I saw a meme somewhere yesterday that said something like January was 48 years long and February was 2 seconds and I think it’s so true! January felt like it dragged on and on and I always think the months go by in the blink of an eye so January was strange for sure. I can’t believe February is about to be over and it normally would be except for the fact that it’s a leap year! So let’s get in to my February favorites! First up, my Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw. I have been talking about this for a month. It’s my first Barefoot Dreams piece and I’m in love. I…

  • Skin Care

    6 Savvy Skincare Ideas to Try Today

    Getting back on track with your skincare regime is high on your priority list this month. Recently you have allowed bad habits to take over and your complexion is suffering as a result. You like to keep up with all the latest beauty trends and skincare products, but it’s time to go back to basics. Looking after your skin doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming; you can make considerable changes with excellent results right now. 1.A Professional Touch Before you adapt your home skincare routine, you might want to seek the advice from an expert. A skincare specialist will be able to give you some guidance towards your…

  • Blue Agate Coasters

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    January 2020 Favorites

    Normally, I start off my monthly favorites posts talking about how I can’t believe it’s the end of a month. However, this month has felt pretty long. Not that I’m rushing time, but seriously it feels like Christmas was a long, long time ago. Anyone else feel the same? I have a few favorites from this month so let’s get to it! First, I watched the documentary movie on Linda Ronstadt called “Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of My Voice” and really liked it. I listened to a lot of Linda Ronstadt growing up because my parents would play her music in the car all the time. The movie talked about…

  • Beauty

    3 Beauty Trends That Will Be Big In 2020

    Photo by kevin laminto on Unsplash The beauty industry shows no signs of slowing down.  Advancements in skincare and cosmetic treatments seem to happen almost daily. We’re often set in our own routines and find it difficult to keep on top of new developments.   Here are three which are going to be big in 2020.  Sustainable products Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you can’t have helped but notice the dramatic shift in society towards ecological, cruelty free, sustainable products in all areas of life.  This consumer shift is being taken seriously and not dismissed as a ‘fad’ of ‘hipster’ trend.  This is great news for our planet…

  • MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation


    MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

    I’ve been wanting to try the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation for a long time. I don’t know why that’s the one I zero’ed in on of all the MAC foundations a while ago, but it’s been on my mind. So I got it a while ago and have been using it for about a month now. Here is the description MAC gives: A luxurious, creamy foundation that delivers ultimate hydration while instantly revitalizing the look of dull and dry skin. Innovative gel-based system provides outstanding skin feel and medium to full buildable coverage with a natural satin finish. Micronized silicone-coated pigments improve skin adherence and blendability while helping to maintain…

  • All Lined Up - Gel Strips


    “All Lined Up” Gel Strips

    I like having pretty nails but I don’t have the time, nor do I want to spend the money, to get my nails regularly done at the nail salon. I’m pretty good at painting my nails and in the past I have dabbled with nail pens to draw designs as well as Flash Tattoo nail stickers. I’ve used press-on nails a few times and although I find them easy to apply and so fun, I’m always afraid they’ll pop off. I will still use them occasionally though, especially since I have 1 or 2 sets left! But, today I’m talking about these gel strips from Dashing Diva. They are just…

  • Joah Blur Activator Mineral Primer


    Joah Beauty Blur Activator Mineral Primer

    A good primer can help your makeup stay in place all day. I’ve used drugstore and high end primers and have liked most of them. There have been only one or two that I didn’t really care for. I was recently sent the Joah Beauty Blur Activator Mineral Primer. It’s a drugstore brand that is K-Beauty inspired and people love K-Beauty so I was excited to give this a try. Here’s how Joah Beauty describes the primer: What it does: Infused with Korean Camellia Oil, this lightweight, airy skin perfecting primer creates a veil-like effect on the skin which “blurs” imperfections leaving smooth, flawless skin. Foundation will glide on and…

  • Stocking

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    Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

    For my stocking stuffer gift guide, I wanted to think of items that would actually fit in a stocking. I see so many stocking stuffer gift ideas that float around the internet where I’m like what size stocking do you have? I mean, when I was younger my parents would put little gifts inside my stocking (hence stocking stuffers) and a few gifts below the stocking on the fireplace as well as presents under the tree. But presents under the stockings are presents, not stocking stuffers! So that’s why I wanted to keep my ideas for you guys items that would actually fit in a stocking. My stocking holder is the…

  • Too Faced & MAC holiday


    Holiday Beauty Gift Guide 2019

    I used to be obsessed with getting limited edition holiday beauty items. They were just all so cute! But over time, I became more realistic – I don’t really need all those limited edition products and I don’t need to spend all my money on them. So in recent years I pick out just one or a few things that I really really want and think I can get a lot of use out of. I picked up 2 holiday beauty items during Black Friday from Ulta. I had my eye on a few Too Faced holiday items – they always have the cutest holiday sets – but I ultimately decided…

  • VBeam Session 4

    Skin Care

    VBeam Laser Session 4

    I had my 4th VBeam laser treatment session on Wednesday and like my previous posts on the treatment I wanted to do a post on it. Not much to report this time so it will be a quick post! If you’re new around here, I started doing VBeam laser treatments at Reflections Center for Skin & Body in August after a consultation. I wanted to get rid of some scars/dark marks on my face from pimples. The procedure is extremely quick. You clean your face, the nurse put the goggles on you, the doctor zaps your face with the laser which stings/burns a little but isn’t too painful, and then you’re…