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Happy Friday! How was everyone’s week? If you’re a reader from Florida, I hope you are staying safe with the impending hurricane!

Guys, I am struggling with what to do with myself. If you’ve been following along with me regularly, then you know I went back to work 2 weeks ago for professional development. Well, the school year has been delayed due to some issues with our new building so I’ve had this week off. As much as I didn’t want summer break to end (I was dreading it) now I’m just plain bored. Hopefully there will be no more delays and I can go back to complaining about work 🙂

But my work woes aren’t the point of this post. Over the summer Skinfix was kind enough to send me 2 of their cleansers to try out – the Foaming Oil Cleanser and the Foaming Clay Cleanser! They sent me both cleansers along with some face wipes, which I haven’t used yet, and a nice little canvas bag which came in handy when I was traveling.

Skinfix 1
Skinfix - Foaming Oil Cleanser
Skinfix - Foaming Clay Cleanser

I’ve been trying both cleansers out the past few weeks and I like them both! I was going through a bit of a breakout and they were so gentle and I think they really contributed to helping to clear up my skin. Especially the Foaming Clay Cleanser! It does have a slight clay smell and is that grey-ish color of clay but feels so silky smooth on the skin. Every morning after I use the clay cleanser I feel like my skin is softer and during my breakout it seemed like my pimples had dried out. What was great is that the rest of my face didn’t dry out, it was just those spots!

The Foaming Oil Cleanser is nice too but I wouldn’t say it’s anything special – at least on my skin. The Foaming Clay Cleanser though is something I would purchase on my own!

*These products were sent to me complimentary but all opinions are my own.*

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