Pink Hydrangea Leaf

Photo Challenge: Structure

For last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, “Structure“, I took inspiration from the photo example given of a close up of a leaf. It’s easy to forget about the little things that make up the big things or the structure of something. For example, the little veins in a leaf. So taking that example as a lead, I took a few photos of a hydrangea plant I have. I made use of a macro lens I got as a secret santa gift last year and took a few shots.

First, to give you an idea of what I see without looking too closely, here’s a photo of the plant.

Pink Hydrangea

Now a close up of one of the leaves. In this photo below you can see all the tiny lines and veins of the leaf. I didn’t even realize the tips of the leaf were pink before!

Pink Hydrangea Leaf

Lastly, when I think of hydrangeas, I think of big, beautiful, poofy flowers. I kind of always think of the flower as a whole and don’t stop to think about the fact that it’s made up of tiny little flowers!

Pink Hydrangea - Petals

It’s easy to forget about the little things that make up something or are part of the grand structure of something. I enjoyed this photo challenge because I discovered some things I had never taken the time to get a close look at before!

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