Photo Challenge: Graceful

This week has felt incredibly long. It really felt like it was going by at a snail’s pace despite how busy I was all week. I haven’t had a chance to stop at all with all the work I needed to/ still need to get done. Despite how busy I’ve been I still make time to write up my posts on here because my creative space (this blog) is what keeps me sane and happy. So this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Graceful” and I had one picture in mind but changed my mind at the last minute. I decided I would save that one for another time with a more fitting challenge.

I decided to go with this picture of a sort of deconstructed chandelier at the wedding venue of my oldest childhood friend back in November. I flew down to Georgia for a long weekend for the wedding and I talked about her wedding here. The venue, Roswell Historic Cottage, in Georgia is a preserved space with exposed brick and beams, high ceilings and a loft. When it’s used for events such as my friend’s wedding they fill it with tables, chairs, decorations, etc. These ceiling light fixtures are sort of like chandeliers since they hang but I call them deconstructed since it’s not one big chandelierΒ but instead is one light with strands of crystals hanging down alongside it.


The venue is a beautiful space but adding pieces like this light fixture help to make this exposed brick space more graceful. It adds a touch of grace and femininity to the more industrial interiors.

Have a great Friday!

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