Burlap Ribbon

Photo Challenge: Twisted

So happy today is Friday! This 4 day week hasn’t been too bad, but life has been so hectic lately that I will take any kind of break I can get. Today’s photo challenge response is sadly the last one! The Daily Post has decided to end their weekly challenges on WordPress, which is a bummer as I really enjoyed using the photo challenges as an excuse to take new photos and/or look through all my old ones to find a photo to use. I thought about finding new photo challenges to take part in as there are so many on the Internet I’m sure, but I think what I might do instead is use the Fridays as a flash back Friday, #fbf, instead. I take so many photos randomly on my phone or camera of things I see that catch my eye just in day to day life. These are the kinds of photos that never get seen because they don’t have anything to do with anything. So I think I’ll start sharing some of those on Fridays now! I think it’ll be a great way to show some things I’ve seen and offer a different kind of glimpse in to my life.

But first, we still have 1 last photo challenge to get through and the last one was “Twisted“. I took this photo back in November at Hobby Lobby when I was at the craft store looking for some holiday crafting supplies. These curled up burlap ribbons were so pretty and festive in a rustic way.

Burlap Ribbon

I think it’s so pretty and a nice decorative twist on a holiday display!

That does it for my last ever Daily Post Photo Challenge. I remember when I first took part – I was in Hawaii for vacation and decided to participate. I took photos of some rocks and bark of a palm tree, I think, for the challenge. I believe the challenge was “texture” or something like that. It’s been a fun thing to take part in every week for the past few years. It’s sad to see it go, but I’m looking forward to sharing random photos with you each Friday now!

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