Photo Challenge: H2O

This week seems to have gone by pretty quickly and I’m not complaining. Now if the weekend goes by slowly I’ll be really happy! So as with every Friday I’m posting my photo response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. This past week’s photo challenge was “H2O“. It was rainy last weekend and I did take a few pictures in hopes that I would get something good to share, but I didn’t get anything that I thought was that great or special looking. So I started to think of what old pictures I had that would fit into the challenge.

I didn’t want the picture to be of the ocean because that seemed too easy and generic. A few weeks ago I posted a picture from a trip to Chicago I took 5 years ago for a photo challenge so I had those pictures fresh in my mind and one picture in particular came to mind. Crown Fountain in Millennium Park.


The public art installation features dual glass brick towers that have water cascading down them and offer a water play area for people to cool down on hot summer days. As we strolled by we saw lots of families and kids splashing around and having fun trying to cool down. The perfect summer oasis for kids who live in the city! Splashing around in some good ol’ H2O in the middle of a beautiful park in Chicago seems like the best way to keep cool.

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