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Photo Challenge: Edge

Happy Photo Challenge Friday! It’s felt like an incredibly long week despite it only being a 4 day work week. I have a busy, but exciting, weekend ahead as one of my closest friends is getting married tomorrow!

But back to photo challenge Friday on the blog. This week’s challenge was “Edge” and while I probably could’ve found some cool shots if I sifted through my photos, I wanted to do something a little different than a ledge or straight edge. So the photo I’m sharing is from about 5 or 6 years ago when I visited Chicago for the first time. I’ve since been back to Chicago two more times, both times for weddings. But this first time I went, I went on a road trip with 2 friends and did a bunch of sightseeing/touristy things. We walked through Millennium Park – you know the park with the famous “Bean” or Cloud Gate – and came across the BP Pedestrian Bridge with its unique curvey design.


I thought this was something a little different to showcase. The sloped and curved edges of the metallic bridge is definitely not something you see every day. I mean, unless you live nearby, then I guess you see it every day.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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