Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Happy Friday! I’ve been exhausted all week so I am happy to see the weekend. The photo challenge this past week was “Nostalgia” and while thinking of what I could take a picture of that would conjure up some nostalgic thoughts I thought of my old music jewelry box.

This jewelry box, which still sits in my room, was my first jewelry box when I was a kid. My parents bought it for me from either the Asian Food Store near us (they also sell knick knacks and not just food in case you were wondering!) or in Chinatown in New York City. I remember getting it when I was probably around 7 or 8 and being mesmerized by the dancer inside. The black box opens up and you can unfold two side mirrors to make a tri-fold of mirrors with a really pretty painted decorative design. A pair of dancers  can be placed on the magnetic mirror in the middle of the box and when you wind up the box music plays and the dancers move via the magnet. When you’re ready to close the box just fold in the tri-fold, place the dancing duo into one of the side holders and close the lid. By the way, the lid of the box has a pretty floral design painted on it too.


Although I don’t use this jewelry box anymore or wear the contents inside it, it is still filled with jewelry from back when I was in elementary school. Earrings with bows, bells, and teddy bears, plastic halves of “best friends forever” jewelry that was so popular back then, dolphin pendants, etc.

Not only does the beautiful music jewelry box bring back memories but everything inside it does too!

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