Photo Challenge: Focus

When I saw last week’s photo challenge prompt was “Focus” I couldn’t think of what photo to use or had any idea of what kind of photo I could take for the challenge. The example was a blurry/out of focus cityscape for a focus more on the feeling the photo evoked rather than a photo that was actually in focus. I loved this idea but the one photo I could think of that I had which was similar I already used for a photo challenge two years ago in which the challenge actually was “Blur”.

Instead, I decided to use a photo I took back in the fall when I was enjoying a night out by my fire pit.


When I think of fire I think of focus – maybe because of that whole idea of fire in one’s eyes when they’re determined. I’m fascinated by fire and there’s a running joke in my family that I’m a pyromaniac because I love candles, fires in fire-pits and fireplaces, love the smell of campfires etc. I could take in the smell of firewood for hours. In this particular photo it’s hard to decide whether I should focus on the fire or the beautiful multi-colored stones!

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