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Dark Floral + Lace Sleeves

Okay, I know I share a lot of dresses on here and I pretty much always say I love the dress, but I really love the dress I’m sharing today. It just might be my current favorite dress in my closet. Earlier in the spring I was at the mall and had no plans to stop inside New York & Company but as I walked by a dress caught my eye in the window. It wasn’t this particular dress, but since my attention was grabbed I then saw all the 50% off signs so I had to go in of course! I picked up a few items like the Love Lace-Up top I shared (here) and this dress here.

This dress fits perfectly and I just love everything about it. The dark floral, slight bell sleeves, smooth material, lace on the sleeves – it’s absolutely gorgeous! You might be able to tell I can’t get enough of this dress because I’m posting more pictures than usual. Believe me, there were more but I had to cut some out – didn’t want to go completely overboard!

Dark Floral + Lace Dress
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 1
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 2
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 3
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 4
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 5
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 6
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 7
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 8
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 9
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 10
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 11
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 12
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 13
Dark Floral + Lace Dress 14

Dress: New York & Company | Shoes: CL by Laundry via DSW | Watch: Anne Klein | Sunglasses: Express

How pretty is this floral print on the black dress? And how pretty are the lace panels and detailing on the sleeves? I love that the lace isn’t just towards the trim of the sleeves but also a vertical panel down the arm. I don’t have enough words for how much I love this dress! And to think I got it for 50% off makes me even happier.

I paired the dress with my new black heels with a block heel and tassel detailing. These shoes were a great pairing for this dress. They’re so summery but elegant at the same time with a little bit of fun from the tassel. In a few of the pictures you can just make out the cuts on my left leg – battle scars from packing up my classroom into a gazillion boxes (we’re moving buildings). Hoping they don’t scar!

I wore this dress to my school’s graduation ceremony last week. I hosted graduation and read names for diplomas for the 5th year in a row so I wanted to look nice as I’d be on stage and in lots of pictures!

I need a place to wear this dress to again asap!

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