New Orleans beads in trees
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Photo Challenge: Fun!

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Fun!” and I had a photo in mind right away. It’s not the picture I ended up choosing, but it is from the same place and may have even been taken on the same day. The photo I dug out of my photo archives is from a trip I took quite a few years ago to New Orleans. Side note: My thoughts are with all the people effected by the horrific floods in Louisiana right now!

I actually used a picture from my trip in a past photo challenge. I originally wanted to use a picture I remembered taking of the Mardi Gras beads covering a telephone pole, which in hindsight – how do they get the beads to cover the telephone pole? Poles are high and the beads are a necklace and therefore would need to be dropped down from the top. Anybody know? Anyway, I wanted to use that picture, but when I went through to find it I realized I didn’t have a picture of the pole by itself but only one of me in the picture and I didn’t want to be in my photo challenge picture! Then, I found this one of beads hanging from the the trees and thought this was a good alternative.

New Orleans beads in trees

Mardi Gras beads are a good symbol of “fun”. Though, I feel it necessary to let you know that I was not in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but arrived afterwards but clearly the remnants of this fun time were visible! However, I’ve only been to New Orleans one time so I’m not sure if the beads are there all year long? Anyway, beads are a popular accessory during the festivities and it’s well-known that women will flash people for more beads. Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday as it translates to, is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent so traditionally or if you’re religious it’s supposed to be one last night of feasting before the holy period leading up to Easter. Though in modern times it has turned into a night (or several days?) of debauchery and fun.

Looking through these photos was bittersweet for me as it was a trip I took with my good friend Brittany. If you’re a regular follower of my blog or even if you just follow my photo challenge posts, you may remember reading that she sadly passed away this summer. The pictures brought back great memories, but of course made me miss her. The summer time is when I would see her quite often as we’re both teachers and don’t live that close to each other so this time of year has been sad to go through without her. I’m thankful for all the great photos we have, such as the ones from our trip, to remember her by!

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