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Gucci Garden Exclusive Collection

Presenting the Gucci Garden Exclusive Collection: Contest Entry


I’m pretty open about my love for floral prints so when I saw that earlier this summer Gucci came out with a Garden Exclusive Collection, I had to take a look for myself! It doesn’t come as a shock that I pretty much loved it all and had to participate in the Polyvore challenge showcasing the line.
I decided to go with a casual, weekend look. We all know the 60s and 70s are back in fashion so I chose flared or even slightly bell bottom-ish denim jeans with floral and butterfly embroidery and appliques. I paired the jeans with the Gucci Ace Sneaker with the collection’s signature floral print and Gucci’s signature stripe and matching Gucci Dionysus Shoulder Bag.
The star of the whole look though is this incredible reversible cardigan. On one side it is a quintessentially autumn yellow in merino and cashmere. The other side has the floral print in silk twill. If you’re wearing the floral shoes and shoulder bag then I think it’s a better idea to go with the yellow merino cashmere side so as to not be overloaded with floral print.
This look costs thousands of dollars, but one can dream!

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