Photo Challenge: Relax

After today I just have 1 week of work left until winter break and I could not be more ready for it! This past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Relax” and while I try to always find some time over the weekend to relax, I can’t wait to get some extra holiday relaxing time coming up!

Last weekend, I was doing one of my favorite things to relax this time of year – snuggled on my couch with a blanket, Christmas lights on, and my phone nearby of course so I could aimlessly scroll through social media during commercials of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies. When I looked down at my phone I saw the reflection of some of my Christmas tree lights on the screen and I thought it just looked so pretty. Luckily, I had my camera on the end table next to me so I didn’t have to get up (I was relaxing!) and I snapped a photo.


I wish I was doing this right now!


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