Millennium Bridge
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Photo Challenge: Pedestrian

It’s finally Friday! It’s been a tiring week for no particular reason – I’m just really tired. It’s been one of those weeks where at times it feels like it’s going by quickly and at others I’m wondering how it isn’t Friday yet. Hopefully today’s work day goes by uneventfully and then I’ve got my fall photoshoot! I hope my outfits that I have planned (2 of them) turn out and translate on the camera as well as I hope they will! I’m excited!

For last week’s photo challenge, The Daily Post challenged participants to share a photo that represented “Pedestrian“. This could be interpreted in more than one way. You could take the route where you’re looking at pedestrian as in walkers or you could use the other meaning for the word as in basic. I thought of any cool shots I might have of walking paths, roads, etc. I had a few ideas but nothing I was excited about. At the last minute last night I came across this photo I took in London a few years ago of the Millennium Bridge.

Millennium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge is a footbridge for pedestrians to cross the River Thames. My photo is a little off-center in terms of getting St. Paul’s Cathedral ahead, but when you’re surrounded by people trying to walk and also get pictures in, you take what you can get!

London is one of my favorite cities. I’ve been twice (once with friends and once with family) and I would love to go back because I know there’s a ton of things I haven’t done and seen. We did a lot of walking on this particular day that I took this photo. I remember my family and I went on a tour of The Tower of London and in the far distance we could see the London Eye which we had plans to go to that same day. My brother asked how we were going to get there and I half-joked “we’re walking there”. Now, I had no issue with walking all the way over – he looked at me like I was crazy and my parents kind of just said we’d walk a little bit and then take public transportation. Well, what do you know we ended up walking the whole way! I know this photo looks gloomy but it actually ended up being a nice day and I’ve been incredibly lucky that on the 2 trips I’ve taken to London it’s never rained! Being a pedestrian on this bridge and in London in general was fantastic!

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