Hubbard Glacier from Cruise Ship

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Photo Challenge: Opposites

Happy Friday! I can’t believe that when this post goes up, I’ll be on my last full day of my Alaskan vacation. For my regular readers, I hope you’ve been enjoying my travel posts. I still have plenty left to share! I mentioned last week that I hoped I would be able to use a picture from Alaska for this week’s photo challenge and the challenge was the perfect one for my travels – “Opposites”. Opposites aren’t that hard to find when you really look. You can be as literal or as metaphorical or symbolic as you want. I believe this photo I took a few days ago is a great example of “Opposites”. On Sunday we cruised past Hubbard Glacier. It was so surreal. Everyone was outside on the decks and over the loud speaker an expert spoke about the glacier and gave all sorts of information. The ship moved very slowly closer and closer to the glacier while everyone shivered outside with their cameras. It was eerily quiet considering the majority of all the people on the cruise ship were outside together. Perhaps it was because everyone was in awe and trying to get good pictures. The ship stayed there for a good amount of time, just slowly turning around in circles so people could get a view no matter where they were on the ship.

Hubbard Glacier from Cruise Ship

This shot of Hubbard Glacier from the front of the ship is an amazing example of opposites, in my opinion, because I got part of the ship in the picture. What could be more opposite than this huge glacier created by mother nature and this man-made cruise ship made of steel (and whatever else they make ships out of) filled with modern amenities. It’s a prime example of man vs. nature as we click away with our digital cameras and smart phones at a view of a glacier made from waterways freezing over time, possibly thousands of years, from the comfort of our cruise ship.

I will have a blog post up tomorrow of some other cool things I’ve seen from the ship!

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