Yellow Flowering Tree

Photo Challenge: Abstract

For once this week went by fairly quickly. I’m hoping that this weekend does not go by quickly though! This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Abstract“.  For my photo challenge response I have two pictures from over the weekend.

Yellow Flowering Tree

Yellow Flowering Tree 1

I don’t know what kind of tree this is – I tried looking online, but no luck. Anyway, I saw this tree while stopping by a park over the weekend. I think it works for “abstract” because from far away, you’re kinda like “What kind of tree is that? The flowers look like little ears of corn!” Then, you get up close and you see what the little buds look like and if you only saw that picture you’d think, “What kind of flowers are these?” and you may not think they’re hanging from a tree. I wanted to get an even more zoomed in look at the buds so that it would be really abstract and you’d have no idea what you were looking at. Unfortunately, it was very windy that day (as you can sort of see in the full picture of the tree with the branches swinging everywhere) so even with holding the branch the flowers just wouldn’t stop moving and I couldn’t get a closer shot.

Have a great Friday!

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