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    What ‘Wild’ Can Teach You About Straying During Your Hike

    If you’re planning a hike any time soon, there’s a chance that Cheryl Strayed’s memoir ‘Wild’ has played some part. Strayed’s memoir of her 1,100-mile hike has become something of a cult icon. And, women across the world now plan copycat hikes. Some go straight to Strayed’s very own Pacific Crest Trail. Others head to similar iconic destinations like the Lost Coast Trail in California. Either way, they go with the idea of self-transformation and ‘Wild’ in mind. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this copycat approach. Whether you read the source material or watched the film, you’ll know that the memoir has an ultimately positive message. It’s proof that…

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    Rediscover The Pleasure Of Nature

    With every generation, it seems that western civilization is moving away from nature. When your grandparents probably still knew the flowers in their garden by name, most adults today wouldn’t recognize a potted geranium. Admittedly, you don’t need to know the name of each pant to appreciate its beauty. But in our fast-paced society, nobody has time anymore to enjoy the marvels of Mother Nature. I have house plants, you say, I love nature. And while this might be true, you need from time to time to rediscover your connection with nature. You have to physically dedicate time to engage and interact with the life around you, in its mineral…

  • Snowy Front Yard


    Photo Challenge: Silence

    Friday I thought you’d never come! I’ve had a cough all week and I desperately need some downtime this weekend. Unfortunately, I have to go in to work tomorrow for an open house event, but at least I can sleep in a bit. Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Silence” and I decided to go with this photo I took during (well technically after) a snowstorm back in 2016. I love the end of a snowstorm when everything is silent, still, and peaceful outside. Do you know what I’m talking about? You open your door and everything is completely still outside. The snow plows haven’t started yet.…

  • Autumn Tree


    Photo Challenge: Temporary

    I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week! It feels like November just started. I’m not a fan of time going by so quickly, but I am excited for the holiday! Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Temporary“. Most of the beautiful autumn leaves have fallen from the trees now where I live but there a few stragglers still on the trees. Of course, the ones left are not looking too pretty after withstanding downpours and gusty winds. But, a few weeks ago the leaves were looking gorgeous with their fiery, autumnal colors. When I was out for a walk in my neighborhood I saw this tree absolutely…

  • Peonies


    Photo Challenge: Evanescent

    Happy Friday! This week has felt so weird. With the long weekend I kept losing track of the days and then yesterday felt like a Friday. Plus it’s the end of the school year with a little more than 2 weeks left so things are just crazy! Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Evanescent“, which means a fleeting moment in time or something soon passing out of sight. For my photo I used a photo I took last week when I was out in my yard cutting some peonies. I look forward to these flowers blooming every year but they all bloom so fast – faster than…

  • Sedona - Lightning

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    Photo Challenge: Danger!

    Happy Friday! This week has been weird. I feel like I didn’t know what day of the week it was all week. Anyone else feel out of sorts this week? Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Danger!” and the example was pretty funny. I thought about what photos I had that might be good for the challenge and I finally settled on one. Now, two things to preface this photo. 1) This was actually a video and I screenshot it for the purposes of this photo challenge. 2) It was taken by my brother and not me although I was sitting right next to him when he took…

  • Dahlias


    Photo Challenge: Earth

    Last Saturday was Earth Day so this photo challege, “Earth“, came at the perfect time. For my photo challenge response, I’m using a photo I took last spring of newly planted dahlias along my front walkway. I loved how colorful these flowers looked on that wet, gloomy day. It’s a good example of “Earth” because there are so many different earth textures going on here. There are the dahlias, the soil, stones, garden rocks, and pavers from the walkway. Enjoy your Friday!

  • Banyan Tree - Roots

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    Photo Challenge: Dense

    Happy Friday! Beginning at 3:15 PM today I will officially be on spring break! While I do have some work to get done over the week, I will enjoy not having to wake up before 6am every day. As it’s Friday I’m back with my photo challenge response. Last week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Dense” and initially I wanted to use a photo of a bamboo forest or really just a patch of bamboo in Hawaii. You may know that bamboo gets really thick and they tend to grow really close to each other creating this dense area of bamboo. However, I couldn’t find the picture I…

  • Mendenhall Glacier - Hole

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    Photo Challenge: Details

    In this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, participants were presented with the challenge to look past the big picture and focus in on the “Details“. If you are a regular reader here at Life According to Jamie, you’ll know that I recently came back from a 12 day trip in Alaska. If you didn’t know, now you know! For this week’s challenge, I chose a photo from my trip to Mendenhall Glacier. After taking a helicopter to the glacier, we were able to walk around the glacier where I took the amazing opportunity to take lots of pictures and video. As you walk around there are some cracks…

  • Rambler Rose Arbor


    Photo Challenge: Curve

    I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I’ve been on summer break for a whole work week now. This past week’s photo challenge was “Curve” and I knew I wanted to use a picture from my day trip last weekend to Longwood Gardens a beautiful, large estate or piece of land filled with different gardens. I plan to write all about it and make a video showcasing my visit there as well as write up a restaurant review on their fine dining restaurant. Unfortunately, that won’t be until after I get back from my upcoming vacation. Except the restaurant review. That will be up next week! But until then, I have one…