Rediscover The Pleasure Of Nature

With every generation, it seems that western civilization is moving away from nature. When your grandparents probably still knew the flowers in their garden by name, most adults today wouldn’t recognize a potted geranium. Admittedly, you don’t need to know the name of each pant to appreciate its beauty. But in our fast-paced society, nobody has time anymore to enjoy the marvels of Mother Nature.

I have house plants, you say, I love nature. And while this might be true, you need from time to time to rediscover your connection with nature. You have to physically dedicate time to engage and interact with the life around you, in its mineral and vegetal forms. Why so? Because nature has been around for much longer than you have. It can not only provide you with the peacefulness you need to recenter your thoughts and interests, but it’s also an endless source of inspiration for everyone in a creative profession.

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In Iceland, you can rediscover yourself

Anyone can travel, are you ready for an adventure in nature?
There’s a long-forgotten link between you and nature. Our ancestors used to live surrounded by trees and animals, which they gradually learned to tame. But you need to dig deep if you want to find that link again. You need to make the conscious decision to explore travel alternatives off the beaten path. Forget about a luxury trip. Instead, you need to pack your adventure gear, focusing only on the essentials. Whether you choose to go camping or simply to spend a lot of time outside, you need always to bring a first aid kit. Being prepared for the worst case scenario means that you’re more likely to feel safe and relaxed in your environment. It’s a good idea as well to read about fauna and flora in your destination, so that you can keep your eyes peeled to spot birds and rare mammals.

One place to visit: Iceland
More and more travelers who have reconnected with nature suggest Iceland as a top destination. Indeed, where you can find natural sites all around the world, very few offer the same diversity of landscapes, sceneries and activities than the island of volcanoes, waterfall and glaciers. If you’re looking for an Iceland adventure to explore the country from a new angle, you can get in touch with professionals to help you organize a unique tour from the mountains to the ice caves. Last, but not least, winter is the best time of the year to spot the northern lights. On a clear night, you can see them dancing in a sky, like hundreds of spirits. For inexperienced nature explorers, it’s a revelation!   

Reconnect with yourself and nature
In a fast-paced world, it’s never easy to take a break and reconnect with yourself and with nature. If you are looking for direction and clarity, Iceland can give you the environment you need to engage with your thoughts and listen to your inner voice. The peacefulness of the place and its rawness act as an immediate mind clearer; it cuts off the buzz of the town and the routine.


Take the time to explore your thoughts and your desires, away from the urban pressures and pace. Nature gives you a bubble of peace to focus on what matters in your life. Iceland, especially, is a favorite destination for all those who need to clear up their minds and reconnect with nature.

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