• Rambler Rose Arbor


    Photo Challenge: Curve

    I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I’ve been on summer break for a whole work week now. This past week’s photo challenge was “Curve” and I knew I wanted to use a picture from my day trip last weekend to Longwood Gardens a beautiful, large estate or piece of land filled with different gardens. I plan to write all about it and make a video showcasing my visit there as well as write up a restaurant review on their fine dining restaurant. Unfortunately, that won’t be until after I get back from my upcoming vacation. Except the restaurant review. That will be up next week! But until then, I have one…

  • Sunset Sky


    Photo Challenge: Pure

    It’s hard to believe today is my last day of work before my summer break. That’s right, today is the last day of school! It’s been a busy and tiring school year so I’m welcoming this break with open arms. All that stands between me and summer break is a half day of work, a staff lunch, and graduation tonight which I’ll be hosting again. Hopefully I don’t mess up while speaking or saying names for diplomas. Wish me luck! In keeping with the idea of summer break beginning, my photo response to this past week’s The Daily Post’s photo challenge for “Pure” is a picture I took in my backyard…

  • Verde Canyon Railroad

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    Photo Challenge: Spare

    When I saw that this week’s photo challenge was “Spare“, I started thinking about whether I had an old photo to use. Because the example used for the photo challenge from The Daily Post was a desert vista it made me think of my trip to Arizona last summer. I started browsing through my photos from my trip and lo and behold I came across photos from my day trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad that worked perfectly for the challenge. Most of the hills and expansive landscape around us consisted of dry and arid land with the red rocks peeking through. Yet, in the center of this canyon lives…

  • Dandelion

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    Photo Challenge: Earth + Blog Anniversary

    Before I get in to today’s photo challenge post, I wanted to share that I got a notification last night from WordPress that it was my 2 year blog anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I first created this site and pushed “publish”. It’s been 2 years of a lot of hard work, which I’m thankful still does not feel like work or a chore. I’ve made some wonderful friends and have watched my blog grow. Here’s to another year of growth! Thank you for being a part of my journey!  Back to the photo challenge. When I think of “Earth”, I think of green. And dirt. Last week,…

  • Yellow Flowering Tree


    Photo Challenge: Abstract

    For once this week went by fairly quickly. I’m hoping that this weekend does not go by quickly though! This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Abstract“.  For my photo challenge response I have two pictures from over the weekend. I don’t know what kind of tree this is – I tried looking online, but no luck. Anyway, I saw this tree while stopping by a park over the weekend. I think it works for “abstract” because from far away, you’re kinda like “What kind of tree is that? The flowers look like little ears of corn!” Then, you get up close and you see what the little buds…

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    Photo Challenge: Half-Light

    For my photo challenge response this week, I’m using a picture I took last year. The challenge was “Half-Light” and actually had two possible challenges within it. You could share a picture that showcased the half-light of the morning or evening. The Daily Post’s photo challenge contributor this week was reminded of a William Butler Yeats poem through her photo, so another challenge was to share a picture that reminded you of a poem, song, or story. I decided to combine the two! So this photo I’m sharing is from last year. It’s not a great representation of half-light, but it was taken in the evening I know because I…

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    Photo Challenge: Dance

    Dancing is one of the most beautiful art forms. I love dancing whether it’s out with my friends having a fun time or when I took dance classes growing up from elementary school until I graduated high school. If you know me, you’ll also know I’m obsessed with watching dance shows on TV like Dancing with the Stars (p.s. a post about the new season coming later today!). But things other than people can have dance-like qualities too so when I thought about what kind of picture I wanted to take or use for this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, which was “Dance“, I tried to think of other…

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    Photo Challenge: Seasons

    It’s finally Friday and it could not have come sooner! I’m feeling all kinds of drained this week and I’m very much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post comes at the perfect time. The challenge was “Seasons” and seeing how the weather has not been able to make up its mind all winter, it seems pretty appropriate. The weather has been absolutely crazy all winter. Starting off with a spring-like, mild winter and a 70 degree Christmas, we all of a sudden were hit with a snowstorm in January delivering 3 feet of snow at my doorstep. The month that has followed has…

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    Photo Challenge: Optimistic

    How can a short work week feel so tiring? I had an unplanned 4-day weekend because of the blizzard last weekend and had to hit the ground running at work come Wednesday. It’s been a tiring and very busy few days. My photo response this Friday to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge was taken during the blizzard. The photo challenge this past week was “Optimistic” and while outside during the thick of the storm I took a picture of the weeping pine in front of my house. While the wind whipped snow all around and I began to be surrounded by three feet of snow, I thought the image of this…

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    Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

    Friday, we made it! It’s been one of those weeks that’s been tiring and long, but at the same time sorta felt like it went quickly. I’ve had a cold this week and had a late night at work on Wednesday for Back to School Night, so I’m really looking forward to resting up this weekend. So like every Friday, I’m sharing my response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge and this week the challenge was “Monochromatic”. The leaves haven’t really started to change colors much yet – at least not in my area. There have been some subtle changes, but it doesn’t look very fall-ish yet. Though, I…